A Nerd Girl’s Dream Event: Phoenix Fan Fest!

Ever dream of a land filled with handmade Star Wars accessories, cosplayers galore, and the dreamy stars of your favorite sci-fi shows? Dream no more, my loves: this magical place exists, and not just in your heart.

It’s called Phoenix Fan Fest, though perhaps it’d be more aptly named “Phoenix Comicon, the Bearably Temperate Edition”. Seriously, when I see Optimus Prime stomping around in 110-degree heat, I gain a new respect for Transformers. (Except Megan Fox. No. Just no.) Continue reading “A Nerd Girl’s Dream Event: Phoenix Fan Fest!” ╗


Public Image Salon on Roosevelt Row

The city of Phoenix bears many sterling attractions that could surprise even the most staunchly devoted Californian, and one of its crown jewels is the hip Roosevelt Row. Rebelliously emblazoned in murals (think more Banksy than hippie) and ebullient with driftwood-embellished coffee shops and brunch spots, it’s a compulsory item on the to-do list for any visitor — and a major factor for consideration in apartment searches.

Roosevelt’s newest gem is Public Image, a full service salon whose moniker pays homage to the punk days of yore. Could one dream up a more perfect addition to the Row? Continue reading “Public Image Salon on Roosevelt Row” ╗


Swiss-Ultimate Sonic Infusion Undereye Wrinkle Eraser #swissbeauty


You may have noticed that we like to sample the more original beauty products here at Sassy Dove. Well, today’s feature certainly fits the bill.

Undereye has always been a tricky area for me, so I was excited to discover this product, a gadget that promises to do a multitude of wonders for the under eye area. Continue reading “Swiss-Ultimate Sonic Infusion Undereye Wrinkle Eraser #swissbeauty” ╗


Meet Your New Makeup Contouring Best Friend.

Sometimes, my makeup game falls into a rut. I start using the same stuff every day, never really loving the finished look the way I once did, and feeling uninspired.

Luckily, somehow makeup inspiration psychically knows when it’s time to strike. It’s arrived in the form of Pur Minerals’ Cameo Contour. It literally just showed up on my doorstep like an early Christmas present (in case you weren’t sure yet whether or not you were jealous of my job… nyah nyah).┬á Continue reading “Meet Your New Makeup Contouring Best Friend.” ╗


Rid Yourself of Parasites & Improve Digestive Health: #Paraguard


Last year, I went through a crazy health scare. My bloodwork went way, way out of control, and through hours of appointments with various doctors and what felt like gallons of blood drawn we reduced the possibilities to several forms of leukemia, autoimmune disease, or a parasitic infection.

Parasites are fairly easy to test for, and my doctor ordered every kind of diagnostic under the sun but turned up nothing. We began to brace ourselves for the worst: we knew┬áthat the doctors had narrowed it down to a┬áparasite, or very bad news. Acronyms like AML and CLL began to flood my brain night and day, and the lump in my throat grew as tests came back repeatedly with the same hyperelevated numbers. Continue reading “Rid Yourself of Parasites & Improve Digestive Health: #Paraguard” ╗

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