u by kotex khakis

The One Week You Shouldn’t Wear Khaki

U By Kotex The One Week Not To Wear Khakis

Just from that sentence, “The one week you shouldn’t wear khaki”, I know some of my readers are smirking behind your computer screens. You know what I’m talking about: that time when your light-colored bottoms are in seven days of perpetual placebo-pill peril.

“Ew!” you exclaim. Yes, ew, but come on. We’re women, we all have to deal with it twelve times a year, so let’s get over the pretending-we-don’t-do-anything-gross drama and have an honest conversation, shall we? Continue reading “The One Week You Shouldn’t Wear Khaki”

walmart beauty box winter 2014

#WalmartBeauty Winter Beauty Box

Did you know Walmart has a beauty box? It’s true! With everybody jumping on this train, you might wonder: what makes Walmart’s box different from any of the other myriad beauty boxes you have to choose from? Continue reading “#WalmartBeauty Winter Beauty Box”

Sassies Blogger Awards Feature

The First Annual Sassies: Awards For Blogging Women

Wanna know the most wonderful thing about the modern state of the Internet? That almost everyone in the world has the ability to publish and create awesome content. We find so many amazing blog posts every day to read, enjoy, and learn from that are written by women from around the world.

Wanna know the least wonderful thing? That all this amazing talent goes largely undiscovered because there’s just so much of it. Continue reading “The First Annual Sassies: Awards For Blogging Women”

Best of Signs Feature Sassy Dove Marilyn Monroe Banner

It was the best of signs

I’m in love – with Sassy Dove. Consequently, I love anything with Sassy Dove’s name on it. (Is that as egocentric as it sounds? Oh, well. Sue me.)

Consequently, when BestofSigns.com offered me a kick-butt banner of Sassy Dove, my wheels started turning at the possibilities. Could it be an amazing background for my Youtube videos?  How absolutely fabulous could I make it look? Continue reading “It was the best of signs”

Best Buy Wedding Registry

A Wedding Registry That’s Actually Cool – at Best Buy

Let’s face it: wedding registries are traditionally, um, lame. They’d be super cool if everyone who got married was fifty years old and obsessed with floral-themed china — but we’re not. We’re in our twenties and thirties and we need stuff, and there’s more to our new house and expenses than just linens and napkin rings.

Luckily, the registry has evolved and its newest form is available at Best Buy. That’s right, Best Buy – where you can get the things you really need (and want) for your new life together. Continue reading “A Wedding Registry That’s Actually Cool – at Best Buy”

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