Non-surgical liposuction treatment for your stomach: What you should know

Perhaps you are looking at removing or reducing fat in your stomach area but are not sure how to go about it. There are many alternatives now to surgery but are they effective, and how long do the results last? Are there side effects, and is it suitable for everyone?

Here are some things you might want to know before trying non-surgical liposuction. 

What is non-surgical liposuction?

Non-surgical liposuction is not really liposuction at all. It is a term that is used because both liposuction and the newer non-surgical techniques both remove fat cells and reduce fat in the human body. They are not only different from each other but there are many different types of non-surgical fat removal procedures too.

Some of these new procedures use radiotherapy others use ultrasound or laser treatments. They all have one aim and that is to destroy fat cells and leave the patient feeling thinner and more toned. 

What does non-invasive or non-surgical mean?

Non-invasive means that there are no cuts, skin breaks including any natural orifice. All the procedures involve techniques to break down fat cells without harming your skin and without the need for scalpels or stitches. 

What options are there?

There are quite a few of these modern non-surgical or non-invasive options on the market now. If you were looking to reduce stomach fat then you can have one of these treatments at a medical spa or clinic in a fairly short space of time. There is no surgery involved so you would find it a straightforward procedure.

The main options are the following: 

Fat freezing or cryolipolysis

This procedure is also known under its brand name CoolSculpting which is a lot easier to say than cryolipolysis! This procedure uses a vacuum applicator to cool the skin. The applicator is placed on the skin along with a gel and then vacuums the skin. This causes a cooling effect and leaves a numbing effect on the skin without causing any damage. The cold temperature doesn’t go deep enough to damage any organs and the skin and tissues are left unharmed. The fat cells however are frozen as they are more susceptible to cold. Once frozen they die. 

Laser fat removal

This is where heat is used to kill off fat cells. It is also good for removing fat from the stomach area along with thighs and love handles. This is a minimally invasive procedure though unlike the other procedures. 

Ultrasound treatment

This procedure uses sonic waves to kill the fat cells in the stomach. After the ultrasound treatment there is no damage to the skin or tissues and no swelling as the waves affect the fat only. 

Radiofrequency procedures

These use magnetic waves. These waves heat up the fat cells until they melt while at the same time leaving the skin unharmed. This method is good for treating large areas such as the stomach but sometimes needs a few sessions. 

Red light therapy

This procedure shrinks the fat cells and is a good option for the stomach area as it also helps to tight and smooth the skin of the patient. It can work as well on hips and thighs too. 

Is cryolipolysis an effective way to reduce fat in the stomach?

Fat freezing is ideal for reducing the fat on your stomach. How effective it is would depend on your weight. Fat freezing has been shown to remove up to 28% of the fat cells in the area that is treated. Someone who is around 10-15 pounds off of their ideal weight would be an ideal candidate for cryolipolysis for stomach treatment. 

Can they help me control my weight?

Fat freezing or indeed any non-surgical fat removal procedures should not be seen as a way to lose weight. They are a way to tone your body and improve the appearance of the stomach or other body parts that have been treated. You should practice living an active lifestyle alongside using cryolipolysis.

Your practitioner should advise you on exercise and diet when you discuss your treatment options. 

What is the difference between this and traditional liposuction?

The difference between liposuction and non-surgical procedures are many. First there is no need for cuts and stitches with non-surgical treatments which speeds up recovery time. With liposuction you will be given a general anesthetic and then have incisions made in the area to be treated. You may be injected with chemicals and then a tool is used to remove fat. After being stitched up you will experience bruising, soreness and swelling for at least a few weeks. You will more than likely have to take antibiotics and also wear compression garments for up to 2 months to aid in reducing the swelling.

With cryolipolysis there is no anesthetic and no cutting or stitching. This reduces the chances of any side effects and risks that come with any surgical procedure. 

What are the comparable recovery times?

Liposuction recovery times can take months for the swelling to go away and the results to be seen. In comparison cryolipolysis has no recovery time. A patient can resume their lives straight away. For example, you could go to a clinic for CoolSculpting and in a couple of hours be sitting in a cafe catching up with friends. The only thing that takes some time is for the results to be fully seen.

After the fat cells are frozen and die your body will need to get rid of them. For them to be metabolised takes time and for the full results to become clear can take from 6 to 12 weeks. 

Can anyone use cryolipolysis?

Anyone who is of sufficient health and within a certain range of weight should be fine for cryolipolysis. Fat freeing can leave loose skin behind after the procedure so someone who already has poor skin tone or loose skin may not be suitable. Anyone with cold related conditions such as cold urticaria should also avoid the treatment. All procedures should be discussed with a professional before decisions are made. 


Cryolipolysis is a way to remove fat from the stomach without the need for surgery. It can also be used for other areas of the body but it must be remembered that it isn’t a weight loss program and leading an active life while eating healthily is important.

Why Cleansing Your Face Is So Important

Cleansing should be an essential first step of your daily skincare routine, and not just a quick swipe of your face with a wet wipe. Your skin is exposed to so much throughout the day. From makeup, pollutants in the environment, and sweat buildup, your skin faces many external aggressors. Washing your face removes every trace of dirt, makeup pollutants, and unwanted skin cells from your face. 

Cleansing your face is beneficial in so many ways, and if you skip this essential part, then the accumulation of unwanted dirt on your face will lead to dull skin, breakouts, dehydration, and aging. Here’s why it’s essential to cleanse your skin every day.

Removes buildup 

Cleansing your face removes any buildup of oil, dirt, and unwanted debris. As you go on with your everyday chores and work, your skin is exposed to pollutants, bacteria, and viruses, and these form on the skin’s surface. Cleansing your face ensures that all these impurities are cleared off your face and gives your skin a clean, fresh look.

Failing to wash your skin thoroughly would lead to a formation of a thick layer of dead skin cells and dirt, which block your pores and make it difficult for any skincare products you use to penetrate the skin well.

Boosts hydration

Cleansing your face regularly and using a good moisturizer is also an essential factor in helping your skin maintain its proper hydration level. When your skin is dehydrated, it thins out, feels rough, wrinkled, and you look older.  

Ensure that you choose a cleanser made for your skin type. For dry skin, use cream-based cleansers and avoid cleansers with alcohol that may over-dry your skin. If you have oily skin, you should find a cleanser with a low PH level. If you have sensitive skin, ensure that you stay away from cleansers with additives and strong fragrances; these will irritate your skin.

Maintaining clear skin

Your skin produces sebum, which is important for protecting your skin against external pollutants. The oil glands use the hair follicles on the skin as a pathway to reach the skin’s outer layer, and form a protective barrier that helps prevent the penetration of bacteria and harmful agents. When you don’t cleanse your face, excessive dirt built up on the skin’s surface causes blockage of the follicle, trapping dirt, dead skin cells, sweat, and sebum. The lack of sebum on the skin surface allows bacteria to penetrate the skin through the follicles, causing inflammation that leads to acne. 

Proper skin cleansing will clear your pores of any debris and prevents blockage, allowing the sebum to reach the skin surface, minimizing the chances of acne breakouts.

Ensure you have a skincare routine that starts with cleansing as the first step, and it’s even advisable to double-cleanse if you use makeup. For people with acne-prone skin, cleansing is also essential and is included in most acne treatments like this one

7 Key Pieces Of Jewellery Every Girl Needs

About the Author:

Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy. You can directly connect with her on email – or visit her website

Fashion is ever-evolving, but certain pieces of jewellery are timeless. Think of the Queen of England’s world-famous tiara collection, or the iconic Hope Diamond. While such incredible gems may be beyond our reach, there are many other enduring and versatile pieces available to elevate your wardrobe. Read on for the 7 key pieces of jewellery every girl needs.

Gold Hoops

Gold hoops have been worn with many different outfits over the years. They are associated with everything from pirates to hippies to boho chic social media influencers. That does not mean that gold hoops are trendy. Quite the opposite, it means that gold hoops will never go out of style.

The beauty of gold hoops is that they can pair with almost anything. They look as good with a white tank and jeans as they do with a little black dress. If you are looking for investment jewellery that you will wear again and again, start with gold hoops.

Birthstone Earrings

Many girls begin receiving birthstone jewelry as children. But this trend is one that you never have to outgrow. Since your birthday will never change, birthstone earrings will always be personal and relevant.

The best way to level up this look is to choose a more elegant design. Forget the cheap metal and colored glass baubles of your youth. Find out your birthday stone, and invest in an elegantly set pair of earrings featuring the real gems. They are not only a fun way to treat yourself, but also a subtle way to add sparkling color to a wide variety of ensembles.

Diamond Studs

The third and last pair of earrings every girl needs is diamond studs. Diamond studs send the same message as a power suit. They speak to status and success. The incomparable sparkle of real diamonds draws every eye without being ostentatious.

You might be surprised by the variety of diamond stud options available. The diamonds alone come in a variety of cuts, colors, and carats. Likewise, you can choose between a sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold setting to suit your own unique style.

Pearl Necklace

Do not make the mistake of writing off the classic pearl necklace. It has been a jewellery collection staple for so long that some might consider it matronly. But today’s pearl necklaces are among some of the most revolutionary jewellery designs.

The pearl has inspired poetry and art for hundreds of years. It continues to inspire jewellery designers. Whether your preference is for a simple but dramatic drop style pearl necklace or the classic choker-style string of pearls, this piece is a must for everything from job interviews to weddings.

Statement Ring

While many pieces of jewellery have an obvious place or purpose, a statement ring is just for you. You might even say it is a celebration of you. When you want the world to know that you are awesome and you know it, you slip on your statement ring.

What makes a ring a statement ring? Exceptional design, intricate metalwork, and/or a very large stone are all common features of a statement ring. In other words, a statement ring should be big, flashy, and fabulous.

Chain Bracelet

While earrings are often used to draw the eye to a graceful neck, and necklaces add sophisticated sparkle to décolletage, the value of a good bracelet should not be overlooked. When you wear a beautiful bracelet to important functions, you make an elegant impression on every person whose hand you shake.

Stone Pendant

Pendants are one of the most historically enduring pieces of jewellery. They pair well with virtually any neckline and look equally smart when worn with a dress. The simple design of a pendant prevents it from weighing its wearer’s neck down, while the size of the stone ensures that the accessory is always visible.

The popular saying, “Life is in the details,” applies very well to a woman’s jewellery collection. We are required to wear clothes to cover our bodies. But we wear jewellery when we want to feel special. Revelations Boutique Jewellery understands that desire. Their exceptional collection offers hundreds of pieces designed to bring sparkle to your wardrobe as well as to your life

6 Reasons To Talk To A Psychic

About the Author:

Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy. You can directly connect with her on email – or visit her website

There are many reasons why people choose to ask for guidance from a psychic. The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Here’s six of the most popular reasons people get online psychic readings.

1. Curiosity

The unknown sometimes scares you, but other times it’s interesting. Curiosity leaves many people reaching out to a psychic. They want to know more about the mystic word. It’s an exciting notion to think someone holds answers to your life. For some people, it’s just something they want to explore for themselves to figure out more about their life. You may open the door to a whole new world of understanding. You may find things out that you never understood about yourself before. A psychic may help cure your curiosity in many different areas of your life.

2. Love and Relationships

One of the most popular reasons people seek psychic advice is to get a look into their relationships. Sometimes people need help finding love, other times people want to get over a breakup. Every relationship is different, so each reading won’t be the same. A psychic can give a personalized look into your relationship much better than any book on the shelf. Sometimes couples even book a reading together so the psychic can look into infidelity, mutual attraction, and/or repairing your broken relationship.

3. Planning The Future

Most psychics aren’t going to give you the winning lottery numbers, but they can help you with major life changes in your future. They can guide you about starting a family, working towards a new career or moving to a new place. They’ll help you figure out where you need to change things in your life in order to make more money or better yourself. They’ll help you find your purpose. Many people think a psychic is going to tell you exactly where they see you in five years, but there’s no way to explain how you got to this place. A true psychic will guide you towards this vision instead of just throwing it out in front of you.

4. Explore Your Life

Speaking to a professional psychic can open your eyes to many things in your life. You can talk about your past, present, and future without any judgment. They can help you figure out why you do the things you do, and how these things affect your future. They’ll help you find reasoning. It’s not only about figuring out what’s going on in your life in ten years. A psychic can explore all areas of your life as well as talk about the next steps.

5. Intuitive Guidance

Many people reach out to a psychic when they feel lost in their life. They need clarity on what’s up and down. A psychic can help you find what you need and help you move forward. They’ll help connect your mind and spirit together. They can help shed light on the things you don’t understand about these things.

6. Career Advice

A psychic isn’t going to tell you that you need to be a janitor or a teacher right now. They’re going to guide you to find your direct path. They’ll help you figure out the best path to improve their professional journey. If you hate your job, they can help you figure out what you need to do to get into something you love. They’ll help you work towards a promotion or figure out if you’re even in the right field of work.

7. Grieving

Death is painful for the living. It can make you hide under the overs all day. Sometimes people need to visit a psychic to get them back to a normal life. They hope to find closure at a psychic reading. This helps you be able to get out of bed and live a normal life again. A psychic can often give you the reassurance that the loved one’s spirit is in a happy place.

A psychic isn’t just the stereotypical genie that tells you what is going to happen tomorrow. There’s much more to them in their guidance and help of your journey in life. Reach out to get the help you need today.

What do you need to work in a medical spa?

If you are not sure what a medical spa is then it is maybe best described as a day spa but with medical procedures available that normally would be performed in a doctor’s office.

The rise in popularity in med spas is down to them being able to offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere more akin to a visit to a day spa than a hospital or clinic. Although they are not quite as relaxing as a few hours being pampered in a day spa they offer a preferable alternative to a visit to a doctor.

Med spas offer a range of treatments and procedures and because they are able to do things that day spas cannot they also need different licensing and qualifications.

These types of spas have been around for over twenty years and the industry they belong to generates billions of dollars every year. They can also be seen as an attractive place to work. Spa staff need to have certain qualities depending on their roles and it should be remembered this is a customer facing business and the client should leave feeling happy with their experience.

Spas will look for outgoing people to work on reception and will want to hire staff that look forward to going to work so that feeling rubs off on others including the clients. Part of the staff’s job will be to create a welcoming atmosphere. Having a friendly assistant to greet a client and show them to the waiting area and provide refreshments is ideal.

Perhaps you feel that a med spa is the place to work for you. What qualifications do you need to work in one? This would depend very much on the position you are aiming for. 

Legislation for med spas

Regulations for running medical spas will differ from state to state and in other countries. For owners the rules are very strict and for some staff roles less so. There are many roles in a med spa and some will require licenses and qualifications and others won’t. Check on the local laws and legislations for med spas for up to date information. 

The roles available vary greatly. Here are some of them along with what you need to work in a medical spa.

Spa Manager or Assistant Manager

This role does not require any medical qualifications but experience of managing a team would be a plus. The manager needs to oversee all aspects of the med spa and manage all the staff. Although no formal or medical education is needed you will often find that a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or Hospitality is expected. A spa manager must also understand and stay up to date with all the local health and licensing regulations. 

Sales Representative and Front Receptionist

This is another role that requires no medical qualifications or any formal education. What is needed is a great attitude and an ability to put clients at ease. You will need to be able to be friendly and welcoming even when it is the last thing you want to do. You are likely to be the first person that a client meets and first impressions count.

Your duties will likely be to greet the clients as they arrive at the spa and then take them to the waiting area. You should engage the clients where it is appropriate, offer and provide refreshments and answer any questions the client asks. You will also be answering the phone and making appointments. Your role is likely going to include selling any products that the spa offers in reception also. 

Medical Esthetician

To be a qualified esthetician takes time and schooling. Unlike being a manager or receptionist this is one of the positions where you will need licensing, qualifications and training before you are able to carry out procedures.

Firstly you would need to attend Esthetician School. The course should be finished within about six months and takes around 600-750 hours to complete. Once you have completed the schooling you will want to obtain a medical esthetician’s licence. To obtain this you will need to pass the State Board Exam which is made up from written and practical parts. Both of these parts need to be passed.

After you have your license you can then look for entry level medical esthetician jobs. There will be some more training before you are let loose on patients but once completed you will be able to provide many procedures. These include botox, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser hair removal and fillers. 

Medical Spa Nurse

Being a medical spa nurse requires more work than becoming an esthetician. First you will need to pass and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from a Nursing School. This can be very hard to obtain and takes a few years. Once you have your degree then you can receive your RN or Registered Nurse licence. Even after gaining these you may still need further education before being able to perform certain procedures. After this you can apply to work in places such as Ethos Spa or other medical spas.

The duties for this role would be to provide certain beauty and esthetician procedures such as skin treatments, facilitating care for post op patients, scheduling appointments and assisting with medical procedures. A medical spa nurse is able to take on esthetician duties but the reverse is not true as estheticians do not hold a Registered Nurse licence. 

Plastic Surgeon

If you want to be a plastic surgeon working independently then you better plan ahead and work very hard. Before someone can become a fully qualified plastic surgeon and practice they will have to spend around 14 years studying and gaining experience. 


All med spas must have a physician associated with the practice and be a major shareholder. This position also takes many years of schooling before becoming qualified. You would have to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree, pass the MCAT exam, attend medical school for 4 years, pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam, take up a residency, earn board certifications and finally get a state license. Phew! 


A med spa can be a fun and interesting place to work. Depending on where you are aiming at with your career you may be able to get into full time employment with just your personality and attitude if you are aiming for reception or assistant manager roles. Otherwise you will have to consider where you want to work and undertake the necessary education.

Beauty with an attitude

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