How to use dance to get in shape

Maybe you’ve heard some of the buzz about dancing as a form of exercise and thought it was a joke, and wouldn’t work. But, did you know that you can actually achieve great results simply by sweating and grooving to your favorite music? Think about the time you might spend at a nightclub dancing, the night seems to fly by, right? Now imagine the time spent jogging, that seems to drag on forever. One of the best areas of the body to improve through dance is the core. Core training through dance is something some of the top athletes and entertainers use to keep their bodies strong and flexible enough to do their superhuman hobbies. Today let’s try and answer the question of how to use dance to get in shape.

The core of our bodies is often referred to as a six pack, these are the stomach muscles that form the grid around our belly buttons. Getting this area of the body toned is something that nearly everyone has in mind when they begin to look into working out. It is known as the sexiest part of a man’s body, and many women flaunt their stuff too, think of Shakira in her halftime performance at the Super Bowl. When you dance you are relying on your core for nearly every move you make, think of the way you would swing your arms and shake your legs while doing your favorite dance, all of this motion stems from the core. There might not be a better workout for our core than a good dance fitness routine.

Dancing for fitness isn’t limited to the core though, it’s a full body workout that has some surprising benefits that not many people associate with dancing. One of the best things about dance that makes it superior to other forms of exercise is the fact that you are really incorporating your entire body into your workout routine, getting benefits that can only come from dance. Think of the repetitive movements many workouts have. Like jogging on an elliptical machine, or rowing on a boat machine. The same movements, over and over. This not only provides a very limited range of improvement, it can actually cause damage to joints and ligaments that get too much wear and tear from the repetitive motions of the body. Dance is a free flowing workout that will keep you loose and limber.

Really targeting your abs and six-pack can be aided by using online dance videos that specialize in the moves that will get your waistline ready for beach season. These dance instructors really know how to motivate you as well, making them an essential ingredient in your quest to get in shape. Finding a series, or just an instructor you like will give you a sense of routine, and you can use these dance videos to measure your progress as well. If you’ve never danced before, there are some great beginners videos to guide you a bit, or, if you are an experienced dancer, you can pick right up with a more advanced session. The longer the video the longer you dance, and all those moves add up really quickly when you are burning calories and having fun.

Dancing your way to fitness is just a great and fun way to get the hours of cardio and stretching that are required when getting in shape. You will look better, be more healthy, and have more energy, all while getting down with some of your favorite music. I hope you try a dance video workout today, you won’t regret it!

Will COVID-19 change fashion the way it’s changing everything else?

Well, friends, it’s been one insane year so far and regular life as we knew it seems a distant dream today. Literally everything about our daily lives is changing, from how we interact to where we work to what our greatest fears are.

A small but not insignificant thing that’s changing is fashion: we make decisions daily on what to wear based on what we’ll encounter that day, so it makes sense that those choices evolve too. And while clothes are a minute detail compared to life’s other current biggest worries, we can’t spend 24 hours a day worrying about the bigger public health, geopolitical and socioeconomic issues, so sometimes it’s a welcome release to think small for awhile.

I know my fashion choices are changing: I froze my Rent the Runway membership almost immediately after the stay-at-home order began, because who’s going to see my fabulous tea-length Derek Lam in the living room? (I’m not bitter, I promise.)

A friend the other day said “I don’t know how we’ll ever go back to wearing ‘hard pants’,” and the whole event’s got me thinking, will we really return to business (casual) as usual when we finally return to the office? After all, it’s not just girding our loins that’s gotten more informal, but coworker relationships too: something about seeing my teammates in their hoodies, laundry on the floor, cats lounging and kids crying in the background, and familiar looks of uncertainty on their faces when we discuss the state of the world that’s made our relationships more… relaxed. No one can pretend anymore.

Practically speaking, will this truly change the way we dress post-COVID? I’ve been living much of life in some cool pieces that streetwear brand KORELIMITED shared with me, and I can’t say my coworkers haven’t seen them on Zoom/WebEx/Teams a time or two – and even outdoors, we’re all sporting the OH so sexy mask accessory (at least, those of us who are being socially responsible). So isn’t the jig up? Do we really have to return to the formal facade of our pre-pandemic lives?

What a beautiful place to be socially distant. Top: KORELIMITED Taeguk Barcode Crewneck – Azalea in Large

As strange as it sounds, I do think we’ll ease back into business casual life, with a nebulous standard as coworkers trickle back in. Some will start off with a bang in pencil skirts and some will attempt “being the change” in yoga pants. I must admit, if there’s one good thing arising from this other than a reduction in pollution, it’s that it’s forcing old-fashioned employers to embrace more flexibility.

What else that’s good could arise from corona? Positivity of any kind feels almost inappropriate right now, but every word can’t bemoan our current state, so why not? Another benefit could be a deeper appreciation of the outdoors. More and more people seem to be seeing a connection with nature itself as a great way to get back into the sun without interacting with others or breaking social distancing guidelines. Some of us, myself included, have ventured out minimally when the Vitamin D levels reach scary lows to find remote corners of the natural world to enjoy. And while playing by yourself can have some depressive connotations, it’s ultimately therapeutic and a welcome break from staring at the same four walls.

The new face of sports. Hat, KORELIMITED Worldwide Dad Hat in Forest Green

What do you guys think will change for a little while, forever, for better, or for worse?

How to Manage Depression

Many times stress is correlated with depression However, they are slightly different from each other. Stress is temporary while depression is long-lasting and it has long-lasting side effects on an individual’s mental and physical health. Sometimes, depression develops and grows unconsciously. Unusual appetite, restless days and nights, and suicidal thoughts are some basic symptoms of depression. In this restorative narrative article, we will discuss some useful, life-changing tips to manage our depression:

 Stay Closer to Nature


The first step to staying away from depression is to come close to nature. It may sound weird and unusual, but it is not that hard to experience. You can start by getting up on a nice morning and going to the park or a lawn around your home, and feel the nature. One of the main reasons for your anxiety is your distance from nature. The cool morning air breezes, the chirping of birds, the sight of beautiful flowers may refresh you. It makes you realize that you are not a machine but a human being who can feel pain and suffering. It can help you to derive the root cause of your depression. This idea can also help you to discover the best option to resolve your problems.


Change your lifestyle

Your lifestyle plays a major role in managing your depression. The bad routine of waking up the whole night, workload all day, not drinking enough water, eating late at night are some of the bad habits that worsens our lifestyle thus initiating more depression. Eating a healthy diet and managing your daily routine will help you a lot in managing your depression. 


Become a Social Activist

A person who is very much involved in social activities can also cope better with depression. They attend several conferences and seminars and meet people from different backgrounds. This response helps their minds to get diverted from depression and get relief. Such social gatherings can also make you feel less depressed when you are surrounded by so many people. Other family gatherings like weddings or birthday parties may also play their role in releasing your depression.


Stay away from Alcohol


If you have been the victim of severe depression and you have been impatiently looking for getting relief, then you have to give up your habit of taking alcohol or any other drug. You may seek help from the drug managing center. They may provide you with their treatment and medicines. There are some sorts of drugs also given to get rid of depression but one must be aware that such drugs should not be taken permanently.


Solve problems of other depressed souls

Your depression may be lessened if you help someone else to get out of depression. When you feel the pain of others and struggle to help him/her out of that pain, you may get a sense of empathy out of that sympathy. Thus, helping others that way may give you a sense of relief and satisfaction, which is quite helpful in getting rid of your personal depression.

Stop Overthinking

C:\Users\Lenovo\Downloads\analysis paralysis.jpg

This is one of the biggest reasons that strengthen the roots of our depression giving rise to many branches of anxiety and stress. Such roots need to be cut short immediately or else they might make us suffer all our lives. We must not keep on thinking about our miseries and repenting all times. We must not spend much time in such wasteful thinking but instead, we should take immediate steps to learn from our mistakes and move on. 

Keep yourself busy

You must keep yourself busy so that you may not suffer much at the hand of depression. Spend your time on your hobbies and interests. This idea will not only motivate you but also helps you to fight against severe depression. 

Consult your psychotherapist

A psychotherapist not only serves to be a good listener to your problems but also helps you to manage your depression by giving suitable medicines and other therapies. Your psychotherapist will start with your clinical examination and some medical tests. He may also proceed with therapies like psychotherapy, light therapy, and water therapy, etc. This works effectively if you properly visit your psychotherapist and follow his/her advice.

As a matter of fact, it is only your will power to follow these ways. You must love yourself and give yourself the attention. Your self-care will definitely help you to manage your depression more successfully.

5-Step Simple Guide to Cook Perfect Steak as a Beginner

Eating a Delicious Steak

Steak is one of the most delicious meals you can cook. It is something that has been such an influential part of our culture, that most things such as manliness are associated with steak. 

This meat is a delicious meal that will keep you full for the entire day. People save money for weeks so that they can have delicious steak dinner. However, cooking steak isn’t the easiest for beginners. Here’s how you cook it right.

Cooking the Steak Right

Cooking steak right is all about temperature control. The meat is so delicious that the flavour you get will usually be enough from the meat itself. You don’t need a lot of seasonings except salt and black pepper to bring out what steak has. Steak requires fine temperature control and an understanding of the Browning process. 

By understanding how the cooking process works, you can come out ahead when it comes to making and delicious steak. Here are five steps to make the right steak:

1. Choosing the Right Cut

It all starts with getting the right cut of meat. Not every piece of meat is good enough to be cooked into steak. Every part of the cow has its use, but for cooking steak, you need a few particular cuts. Unfortunately, these parts will usually be the most expensive, but they are worth it for a delicious steak meal. The crème de la crème of stakes is the Ribeye. 

You should be choosing anything else if you are looking for a delicious steak meal. This fact is especially true if you don’t often have steak.

2. Choosing the Right Pan

Going along with the concept of temperature control, you want your steak to have good colour as well. Temperature control and colouring all have to do with the pan you choose. When it comes to how to cook steak, it is all about choosing the right meat and putting it in the right pan. Once you have made those basic choices, you come out ahead in the journey to a delicious steak.

3. Other Methods to Cook the Steak

One thing to know is that you don’t have to cook it on the stovetop. There are several ways to cook the steak for it to taste great. One such way is to cook it in the oven. It is the same way as you would on the stovetop, but you have more control over it since it is in the oven. 

The oven method requires that you brown the steak if you want in the pot then transfer it to the oven. However, you can cook it from start to finish in the oven if the colour isn’t that important for you.

4. Having the Right Tools Available

There are a few essential tools you should have when cooking steak. The first one is an instant-read a digital thermometer. This instant-read thermometer should be explicitly made for meat, so you can have it when it’s time for you to measure the temperature of your beef. The internal temperature is what determines how well your meat is done. If the temperature inside is too high, you have overcooked and ruined your meat. Don’t ruin a $20 piece of steak.

5. Cooking Your Steak Right

Once you have done all those things, it is time for you to start cooking the steak. Turn the pot on a high and add in some oil and herbs like garlic when the oil starts bubbling up. Add the stake in at one minute apiece to each side until it colours up nicely. Once that has happened, you can then reduce temperature and start cooking the internal part of the meat. 

You can even add butter and base the beef in it. Doing this will make things even better for you, as you can control the flavour of the meat. As you are cooking the meat, you should be checking the internal temperature and have a chart of what is considered medium-rare, which is the perfect choice for meat.

5 Best Indoor Sports For Students

Indoor sports are quite a good exercise for students. Without exposing themselves to the potential harms of the outside world, these sports enable them to hone both of their minds and bodies.

But do you know the most recommended sports that students can play inside a gym or recreational facility? If not, check out the list below. 

Table Tennis / Ping Pong

Needless to say, table tennis is one of the finest for students to play. It is generally safe and easy to learn. 

The rules of the game are pretty, simple, too! Of course, it is fun and, at some point, thrilling and exciting.

You can never deny that table tennis is a captivating sport. Despite its apparent simplicity, there’s a lot of subtle complexities embedded in it. 

The more you let the young ones play it, the more they can learn discipline, patience, and focus. Furthermore, it improves their physical constitution as ping pong can be rigorous. 

Just invest in the best ping pong paddles and other essential equipment for the sport, and you are good to go. For more details, you can visit here:


Of course, swimming is a great indoor sport!

It is best suited for students, as it can train their bodies to have better muscle coordination. That’s one of the reasons why you shouldn’t be surprised if this sport is being taught to toddlers.

If the school has a swimming facility, it is better to take advantage of it. If necessary, hire an instructor to ensure that the students will be able to learn the proper swimming techniques and safety tips. 

Learning how to swim is quite vital. It is a life-saving skill, especially in moments of tragedies and disasters. 

You will really love it if your young ones are equipped with this capability. Swimming is not just for recreation and leisure, after all!


While it is true that volleyball is enjoyable when played outside, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play it indoors. 

You see, if you are planning to make your students a little competitive about this sport, you should teach it inside a court. In this way, they will be able to learn all the fundamentals while minimizing possible discomforts and injuries. 

Indoor volleyball is fun because it elements external factors that could affect your gameplay–such as the wind, rain, or heat of the sun. 

Once indoors, you can just play the sport comfortably. Your students can pour their focus and energy on how to win the game. 


Sure enough, basketball is one of the most popular indoor sports. Just like volleyball, this one is best played in an enclosed court to eliminate external hazards. 

Anyone can get hooked to basketball easily. It is never a boring sport, regardless if you play two-in-two or five-on-five.

Furthermore, this sport is something that can enhance your physique. The more you play it, the more your body becomes refined. 

Specifically, it trains muscle coordination, flexibility, and overall dexterity and agility. It optimizes your body balance and improves mental concentration.

Lastly, basketball is ideal for students because it introduces the concept of teamwork. You can’t win a game in this sport if you don’t coordinate your strategies with your team. 


Karate is an excellent sport to learn to, as well. It is a systematic way of instilling discipline among students. 

As a martial art, karate is considerably one of the most popular. From Japan, it made its way to Western countries like the United States, proving that it can be a great endeavor for any age. 

Learning karate is exceptionally beneficial. You just don’t learn discipline here only; you also get to learn how to defend yourself. 

Keep in mind that karate is not just a one-time endeavor. Even outside the premises of the school, you can still pursue it. 

Of course, if you are gunning to get a black belt in karate, you need to spend years achieving it. Such a span of time will undoubtedly shape the minds and perspectives of students. 


These are the finest indoor sports that you can teach to students. Any of these sports can certainly uplift the enthusiasm of the young ones, enabling them to gain interest in doing sports rather than spending their time on wasteful stuff. 

If you feel that they get tired already, there are some techniques that can help them become  motivated again!

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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