3 Reasons Acne Scar Removal Treatment Can Revitalize Your Skin in No Time

From routine visits to dermatologists to home remedies and DIY care techniques as seen on the internet, there have been quite a variety of techniques which can help you get rid of acne, pimples and breakouts. However, acne might leave scars behind on the surface of skin, the duration of which no one can predict accurately. Continue reading “3 Reasons Acne Scar Removal Treatment Can Revitalize Your Skin in No Time” »

4 Things People Coping With Chronic Illnesses Need to Do

Dealing with a chronic illness is never enjoyable, but it doesn’t need to affect your quality of life. By paying close attention to sign from your body, following your doctor’s orders, and taking care of yourself, it’s possible for people with chronic illnesses to lead very fulfilling lives. Check out these tips to learn how you can improve or maintain your quality of life after being diagnosed with a chronic illness. Continue reading “4 Things People Coping With Chronic Illnesses Need to Do” »

Best Geeky RC Toys for Her

Remember those ads showing children receiving gifts, where the boy in the picture is playing with an RC car while the girl holds a doll? I’m sure you are familiar with them. Well, it’s time to make those ads a thing of the past and say it out loud: ladies love gadgets, too. We like smart devices, RC toys, racing, the thrill of competition and even exchanging information about new models and technologies. It’s not a boys’ world anymore. We can handle a remote controller, and we fully enjoy the fun of it. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites:

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Guilty Money Secrets: Impulse Buys

If you often give in to impulse buying, you’re not alone.
Impulse buying has become a part of our consumer-driven society. You might set out for a loaf of bread and a light bulb but, thanks in part to the power of advertising and the ready availability of credit, you could easily come home with a whole new wardrobe. Buying on impulse is often a guilty little secret, something most of us would prefer to avoid admitting to but have probably done – more than once.

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tanned girl

Real talk: everyone looks better with a tan. @sunnygirlspraytanphx #Phoenix

If we’re being  honest, literally everyone looks better with a tan. Of course, there are boundaries where tasteful tan ends and Oompa Loompa begins. How to find the sweet spot without getting sun spots?

The answer lies in spray – but the right spray. Not all spray tans are created equal. Popular machine sprays can’t see your body, resulting in splotchy bits and odd coloration. And sometimes the pigment isn’t as natural looking, so unless you’re going for Carrot Top, it might not look too chic. Continue reading “Real talk: everyone looks better with a tan. @sunnygirlspraytanphx #Phoenix” »

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