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better than kat von d liquid eyeliner showdown

Better Than Kat Von D?! Liquid Eyeliner Showdown! [VIDEO]

If you’d have asked me a month ago (and some of you did), I’d have said there’s no better long lasting, non-smudgy liquid eyeliner on the market than Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner Trooper.

Little did I know, things have changed!

Check out my latest video where I reveal the new liquid eyeliner I tried that’s blowing Kat Von D out of the water: Continue reading “Better Than Kat Von D?! Liquid Eyeliner Showdown! [VIDEO]” ╗

5 minute makeup busy moms sassy dove az midday

5 Minute Makeup For Busy Moms – Arizona Midday

Breaking news! We are honored to have recently been invited on Arizona Midday to talk about how busy moms can make up their faces in five minutes or less. Watch out, Valley!

My good friend Stephanie from Conference Calls to Meatballs joined me as my mom model and we discussed all the ins and outs of getting ready while a toddler is attached to your calf: Continue reading “5 Minute Makeup For Busy Moms – Arizona Midday” ╗


Meet Your New Makeup Contouring Best Friend.

Sometimes, my makeup game falls into a rut. I start using the same stuff every day, never really loving the finished look the way I once did, and feeling uninspired.

Luckily, somehow makeup inspiration psychically knows when it’s time to strike. It’s arrived in the form of Pur Minerals’ Cameo Contour. It literally just showed up on my doorstep like an early Christmas present (in case you weren’t sure yet whether or not you were jealous of my job… nyah nyah).┬á Continue reading “Meet Your New Makeup Contouring Best Friend.” ╗


How to Make Your Lipstick Count

Among all the things you do to look beautiful and presentable, wearing lipstick may seem like the one that should take the least effort to accomplish. However, very few women get this right all the time. I’m sure you would like to be part of that group, so check out our tips below to know how┬áto keep your lipstick┬áflawless: Continue reading “How to Make Your Lipstick Count” ╗

What Makeup Products Does Ariana Grande Use?

What Kind of Makeup Does Ariana Grande Use?

We did an immensely popular article chronicling how to copy Ariana Grande’s makeup, straight from the celeb herself — check it out, but first see what the ingenue had to say about her makeup during a Twitter Q&A: Continue reading “What Kind of Makeup Does Ariana Grande Use?” ╗