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Miley’s 2015 MTV VMAs Fashion + Beauty Rundown

Yesterday, we remembered Miley’s VMA past and wondered what 2015 would hold. Now we know.

First there was whatever this is on the red carpet:

Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Awards 2015 Red CarpetObviously since Miley’s hosting, she’s paying a little homage to the Moon Man himself in this set of silver suspenders and a bejeweled skirt (made of only jewels, because actual fabric covered genitalia is so last year) by Atelier Versace, accented with a pair of space-stripper knee-high boots.

Beauty: a super-long set of blonde dread extensions worn in a high ponytail, a bright-blue smoky eye and a red lip. Spoiler: the Saved By the Bell-meets-Bob Marley high ponydreads will be her choice for hair looks this evening. (Can you say “Pony Dreadful”?!)

It only gets weirder (and arguably worse) from there – here are all of her outfit choices throughout the evening: Continue reading “Miley’s 2015 MTV VMAs Fashion + Beauty Rundown” »

Miley Cyrus’ Most (In)famous MTV VMA Awards Looks

As everyone gears up for the 2015 VMAs (and MTV preps for Miley’s hosting by putting the show on a delay – smart), we can’t help but remember some of Miley’s most famous — and infamous — VMA hair, makeup, fashion & beauty moments of the past.

Of course, we’re the superficial types here, so we don’t care what she did, said or sung – only what she looked like:  Continue reading “Miley Cyrus’ Most (In)famous MTV VMA Awards Looks” »

OMG. BBQ. PMS. (Or, How to Ruin Your Favorite Summer Outfit)

Oh, summer barbecues. I went to high school in Texas, the king of the backyard BBQ. But before that, I dwelled in the land of catfish fries and crawfish boils.

old-navy-denim-shirt-white-shorts-happy lady
Oh, haha, isn’t summer just wonderful THESECRAMPSAREMAKINGMEHOMICIDAL

Both places get too hot to handle in the summer, especially when you’re afflicted with that unfriendly monthly visitor. As unpleasant as she can be during the cooler months, she’s an unimaginably cruel mistress in the season of white shorts and sweat. Continue reading “OMG. BBQ. PMS. (Or, How to Ruin Your Favorite Summer Outfit)” »

Fashion and the Presidential Campaign

I’m sure hardcore political analysts like to think fashion and style don’t play a major role in the always competitive presidential races, but every four years it seems both make a larger impact on the race than years past and the 2016 race is no different. Just take Hillary Clinton’s raved-about haircut makeover back in July. Reports revealed former Secretary of State Clinton had half of the New York City department store Bergdorf Goodman shutdown for her appointment with John Barrett at his private salon. The haircut reportedly cost $600! Clinton’s campaign told the media the makeover was geared towards making Clinton more fashionable which in turns makes her more appealing to millennials. Continue reading “Fashion and the Presidential Campaign” »

#ProTips: Hack Your Online Fashion Shopping with These Strategies

Are you still gunshy about shopping for fashion online? Don’t be — you’re cheating yourself out of the best fashion deals around. I was scared too, but once you know how to save, you’ll be addicted. Jump in: the water is warm and the discounts are flowing.  Continue reading “#ProTips: Hack Your Online Fashion Shopping with These Strategies” »