Forget the Ladies of London: Check Out Luke Henderson

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Ladies of London is back, but I’m way less interested in the ladies this year now that I’ve seen Caroline Stanbury’s makeup artist, Luke Henderson.

Just take a look at this cutie: 

From Luke Henderson’s Twitter, linked below

Here he is with Caroline Stanbury and Lisa Vanderpump (my ultimate Brit sandwich):


And here with Tamara Ecclestone (just friends, natch):


Seriously, what a doll. Okay, so he seems like he’s wearing makeup – those brows and lashes are a bit too perfect – but what do you expect? He’s a makeup artist! Plus, you gotta watch the show and hear his croony British accent. /swoon

He also co-owns a talent agency with Caroline. #squadgoals

Check out his Twitter, if you’re interested in stalking.  What do you think? Is he the cutest thing to hit Ladies of London or what?

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