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Where To Go For A Wedding Destination In 2020

A Destination Wedding is a special and intimate type of wedding that brings the entire wedding entourage to a new location. Destination Weddings are becoming more and more popular because of the adventure that it presents to you and your guests.

Just imagine how perfect your wedding day would be with all of your dear loved ones at a breathtakingly beautiful location. One other positive side of having a destination wedding is so everyone can attend a wedding and a fabulously awesome vacation on the side. Continue reading “Where To Go For A Wedding Destination In 2020” »

How Can You Determine if Your Kids are Allergic to Gluten?

Gluten intolerance is one of the most irritating allergies to be inflicted with. Almost everything contains gluten in some form or the other; your ketchup is thickened with it, your baked snacks are made with it, and even your oats are contaminated with it. Continue reading “How Can You Determine if Your Kids are Allergic to Gluten?” »

Benefits of Glass Walls at Your Office

Employers or building office managers hoping to transform the productivity and atmosphere in their workplaces should look into the rising trend of installing glass partition walls in the office. In addition to creating a beautifully modern aesthetic throughout the office space, these glass walls contribute to an open plan layout that complements contemporary workspaces. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using glass walls in the office. Continue reading “Benefits of Glass Walls at Your Office” »

A Style Guide for Men on How to Dress Sharp

Though people have always been into fashion recently, men’s fashion and style game has really stepped up. They have been embracing and trying out what is trending. But when we talk about men’s fashion, there are certain guidelines that you can follow to dress sharp. Of course, everyone has their own opinion and choices, and they wear what they feel suit them the most or what goes with their personal style perfectly. However, those who are trying to level up their style, these solid suggestions are here to help.

Continue reading “A Style Guide for Men on How to Dress Sharp” »

Forget #HotGirlSummer, let’s do #BasicAsFall

#HotGirlSummer took the world by storm in 2019, and why not? The message resonated with women everywhere who’ve spent their lives hearing, “be beautiful – but don’t look like you’re trying.” “Be sexy – but don’t flaunt your sexuality, that’s slutty.” We cannot win by definition.

#HotGirlSummer was a fun, playful concept that took that idea back and said, be who you want and don’t be afraid to show everything that goes into that. Literally, no shame in your game. Continue reading “Forget #HotGirlSummer, let’s do #BasicAsFall” »