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T-Cells: What They Are & Why They’re Important #tcellmaster

#tcellmaster Sometimes things happen that make you really consider the fact that the way we live our lives could hurt ourselves and our loved ones one day, if we’re not careful. It’s easy to say “live fast die pretty” when you’re 26 and only thinking about yourself.. but one day, the reality’s going to hit that an awful lot of people would have to take care of you (and will long for the days of taking care of you when you’re no longer around at all).

So THAT’S a bit of a downer… seriously though, we all need to take better care of our health. One interesting concept I discovered in my vitaminphile searching was that of T-cells. I’d heard of T-cell count, primarily in films about people with HIV – but what did it mean, and why was it important to my body? Continue reading “T-Cells: What They Are & Why They’re Important #tcellmaster” »

I want to achieve total wellness in 2016 – come what may.



I have something very personal to share with you today.

Health and wellness are incredibly important to me, but I let them fall by the wayside at the end of 2015. Wine and holiday cheer were a bit more important, but I thought, “eh, I’ll turn it around in the New Year.”

Then in January, a close family friend passed away very unexpectedly. I’ve been trying not to let it overtake my efforts, especially because health + wellness could have made all the difference for him — all the more reason to take care of oneself. Still – it’s been hard. Continue reading “I want to achieve total wellness in 2016 – come what may.” »

The weird body-sculpting craze you’ll fall in love with

Those who know me best know I’ve gone to great lengths in the quest to reconcile my desire for a Photoshopped-esque physique with my eternal love of cheese.

I’ve found a unique bodysculpting tool to add to the arsenal, but I gotta warn ya, it’s weird.

But hey – weird’s great if it works, right? Continue reading “The weird body-sculpting craze you’ll fall in love with” »

Why professional massage will change your life

Previously, I’ve only seen massages as a luxury for women more rich and less busy than I am. But after experiencing my very first professional massage, I’m a believer in its power.

My resolution for 2016 is inspired by one of my favorite films, Dead Poets Society. For this year, I resolve to suck the marrow out of life.  Work hard, play hard, relax hard… Generally drink from the cup of life. My relax-hard plan definitely involves more massage. Continue reading “Why professional massage will change your life” »

Rid Yourself of Parasites & Improve Digestive Health: #Paraguard


Last year, I went through a crazy health scare. My bloodwork went way, way out of control, and through hours of appointments with various doctors and what felt like gallons of blood drawn we reduced the possibilities to several forms of leukemia, autoimmune disease, or a parasitic infection.

Parasites are fairly easy to test for, and my doctor ordered every kind of diagnostic under the sun but turned up nothing. We began to brace ourselves for the worst: we knew that the doctors had narrowed it down to a parasite, or very bad news. Acronyms like AML and CLL began to flood my brain night and day, and the lump in my throat grew as tests came back repeatedly with the same hyperelevated numbers. Continue reading “Rid Yourself of Parasites & Improve Digestive Health: #Paraguard” »