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A Tabletop Fireplace Makes A Great Gift!

Doesn’t it feel great to know people who always give you the ideal gift? Be it a gift for housewarming, engagement, wedding anniversary, graduation, birthday or holiday, whatever they pick is totally ideal for the receiver. Wouldn’t you want to be “that” individual just once? Perhaps you couldn’t care less about giving the best gift, but you also don’t want to stroll around a shopping center like a lost puppy for hours.

Would you like to give a long-lasting gift to a friend or family member or dear companion? Here are some personal tabletop fireplace options for a great gift you might not have thought of. Tabletop fireplaces instantly enhance the relaxing and romantic feel of any space with their modern, sleek and stylish look. Offering clean burning, and a lot more esthetical appeal than a standard tabletop candle, a tabletop fireplace can bring pleasure and tranquility for all.

With a personal tabletop fireplace, you can have a delicate gleaming live fire beside you as you work at your next huge project, or have your meal on the dining table with elegance. Tabletop fireplaces come in several styles and shapes – some are gel fireplaces, and some are powered by eco-friendly bio-fuel, so the choice is dependent upon you!

Perfect for Every Occasion

Tabletop fireplaces are surely to fit on any work area, shelf or table, and fill in as an incredibly beautiful piece. They are ideal for gift giving for any occasion and event. One of a kind and with top notch quality, the recipient of your gift won’t just be awed but they will also be able to make the most of their personal tabletop fireplace for years to come.

They can even be seen as sentimental for Valentine’s Day, yet not be viewed as even the slightest bit improper to present to your boss. Additionally, they are not viewed as occasional items, so they can be gifted throughout the year.

Everyone Has Space for One

Because of the minimal size, you can buy a tabletop fireplace and not think about whether they will even have space for it in their home. The “goes anyplace” attitude of these fireplaces implies that they can be set on a table, dresser, counter, or entertainment center. Some are even suited to use outside, and are sufficiently light to be held back and forth. There are likewise some that are only a little bigger and great to put on the floor.

Low Operating Cost

You don’t need to be terrified that the receiver might not use it because of high operating expenses since tabletop fireplaces are very reasonable to operate. They are little, so they don’t consume that much fuel. Besides, fuel is significantly more affordable than you may expect.

No Maintenance

Whomsoever you will buy a tabletop fireplace for will definitely love using it, as they will enjoy the calming and welcoming reward of a rhythmic flame without encountering the mess of a traditional fire. There will be nothing to clean. Additionally, since they don’t consume wood or release toxin-free smoke, they are also ideal for the environmental enthusiast on your list.

Clean Home Fast

Tips For Keeping Your House Clean in the Fall

With fall here, we revel in windy and breezy days. We will always open our windows and doors to let in the fresh and cold air. Furthermore, it is a reminder that the frenzy winter is just around the corner and is probably a perfect time to clean and prepare the house for warm evenings inside. Continue reading “Tips For Keeping Your House Clean in the Fall”

Great Gatsby - Flapper Dress

1920s Flapper Dresses

The roaring 20s were an exciting time in U.S. history, and this was the decade when the Charleston was first introduced (1924). The rhythm quickly became the most popular dance of the 1920s. The Charleston craze exploded nationwide after it was performed on the Broadway stage. Fashionable young women who danced the Charleston were known as “Flappers.”

Women had won the right to vote, World War 1 had ended and prosperity was booming. Times and attitudes were changing, and female independence was on the rise. This gave way to sassy bobbed hairstyles, more streamlined dresses with shorter hemlines (to the knees), bold makeup and a tiny bit of a naughty attitude.

1920s Flapper dresses were quite the head-turning frocks of the moment, and several key accessories pulled the look altogether. Designer Coco Chanel influenced the Flapper fashion phenomena with her miles of pearls and dresses made in neutral shades like cream, beige, sand, navy and black. Continue reading “1920s Flapper Dresses”


Hidden Camera Tricks

Cameras, cameras everywhere. To the left, to the right, above and below. There’s likely a camera pointed at you right this minute, built into your computer. We can hardly get away from the things.
Nowadays, security systems sold at your local electronics outlet can go deep into sci-fi fantasy land and the systems, given they are electronic, are built to as long as you own your home. Continue reading “Hidden Camera Tricks”


Hanging Lamps: A Showstopper in Any Room

When it comes to home design, the human eye is drawn to that which is visually striking—whether in shape, color or placement. What do you want people to notice when they first enter a new room inside your home? You may have a perfectly pleasant design scheme, but is it missing that one “wow factor” that ties the space together and gives people a real reason to remember your place?

One simple, space-conscious way to drum up interest in a room is adding a ceiling-mounted light fixture. Have you considered a hanging lamp instead?

Here are some ideas for incorporating a show-stopping hanging lamp in any room: Continue reading “Hanging Lamps: A Showstopper in Any Room”