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Why Alpaca Hair Will Be Your Fall/Winter 2015 Bestie.

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Are you down with alpaca yet? Besides being incredibly pun-ready, this Andean animal is a cold-weather fashion designer’s best friend. If you don’t own an alpaca piece yet, here are a few insider reasons why you should be adding one on your holiday wish list: Continue reading “Why Alpaca Hair Will Be Your Fall/Winter 2015 Bestie.” »

Copy Blair Waldorf’s Exact Fashion Style from Gossip Girl

Our favorite TV shows no longer die; in the Netflix age, they simply go to Bingewatching Heaven. My latest guilty pleasure to binge is Gossip Girl, and it’s totes got me throwing back to the late ’00s.

Of course, Queen Bee Blair Waldorf rules the school, and her fashion choices in Gossip Girl border on iconic (though not so intensely as her Givenchy-gilded idol Holly Golightly). Here are some of her exact fashions you can copy right the eff now (fair warning – spoilers if you’re like five years behind on your DVR): Continue reading “Copy Blair Waldorf’s Exact Fashion Style from Gossip Girl” »

Redken Blow-Dry Hairstyling Products Giveaway!

Did you see our post the other day on hacking your DIY blowout? If you didn’t, you should, because it was awesome, and full of double entendres.

The post also featured a fab-yoo-luss new collection of blowout-friendly styling products from Redken, of which they sent me an extra set to give away to my fab-yoo-luss readers! Zomg y’all Continue reading “Redken Blow-Dry Hairstyling Products Giveaway!” »

The Most Fashionable Investment Piece: Your Future.

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Per a multitude of Googled and Pinterested fashion guides, most of us have amassed a small collection of “investment pieces”: the perfect white button-downs, LBDs and quilted leather bags that will sustain our respective wardrobes in classy stylishness for all eternity.

But amid all the glamour, many of us miss investing in the most important investment piece of all: our futures. Continue reading “The Most Fashionable Investment Piece: Your Future.” »

How to Look Fashionable in Unflattering Situations

It’s easy to be fashion-forward on a night out, where heels and cocktail dresses are acceptable or even mandatory, but what about for the rest of your life? How can you integrate Parisian-girl effortless-chic into trips to Walmart, bed-bound Scream Queens binging and falling asleep in your recliner?
We’ve got some tips for staying fab and fashionable even in the most non-stylish of situations:

Continue reading “How to Look Fashionable in Unflattering Situations” »