Best Honeymoon Destinations

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“Veni, Vini, Amavi. We came, we saw, we loved” -Anonymous

After the wedding, many couples want the perfect postnuptial getaway to celebrate their newlywed status. There are variety of options available for couples looking for the best honeymoon destinations depending on what the couples want whether it is a culture-focused city or a relaxing tropical beach. 

If you want all the luxury your heart desires for your honeymoon you can consider going to St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festivals. You can also unwind with your special one on one of the island’s fine beaches or have a special lone time with your spouse on one of its isolated resorts. Despite all the luxury, you don’t have to hock your family heirlooms to experience it all by booking your hotel accommodations in advance and search for good deals. 

We cannot talk about honeymoon destinations without talking about Hawaii. In the Big Island, you and your spouse will be treated to some spectacular views. From its black sand beaches to snow-covered peaks, to the colorful beaches and the verdant tropical rainforests, you will marvel at the Big Island’s surreal beauty. 

For newlyweds who want a memorable honeymoon destination experience, the small Bora Bora is also an amazing choice. Here, you and spouse can enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery and have your pick of the pristine beaches and lagoons. You can also choose to go snorkeling and sailing. Luxurious hotels and resorts are also made available to couples.

If you are looking for seclusion as a couple in your honeymoon destination, then you should consider Maldives. The island is overflowing with romance. You can also enjoy the tranquility of the beaches and spas. The scenic beauty of Maldives cannot be duly described but can only be experienced firsthand. From its luxurious private villas with their exotic views to the white sand beaches and the sights of sunset over the horizon, you’ll fall in love over and over again. You can also go snorkeling or scuba diving. 

You can also visit the colorful villages in Amalfi Coast with your sweetheart and explore either by foot or boat any of the place’s 100 beaches. if you desire seclusion avoid visiting the getaway during the summer because there are usually many tourists visiting the region. 

You can go snorkeling in Yasawa Islands or surfing near the Mamanuca Islands. There are luxurious resorts available and you and your spouse can experience paradise on earth and you can book this (and many more options) at Reservations.comk, you must not miss out the couple massages available at the beach. You can spend time on the archipelago’s largest island named Thira in Santorini, Greece. You can also enjoy the breathtaking colorful beaches and the black and red sands. You can also watch the delightful and impressive Ancient Akrotiri or go hiking to watch the ruins of thethree empires and the caldera.

St Barts in France is also a good option for a honeymoon destination because of the breathtaking beaches (about 14 of them) especially if you are seeking a Euro-themed utopia with a lot of shoreline to relax. However, if you desire an exciting night time and off-shore activities, you can visit the neighboring places like St. Martin. 

You can also explore the secluded Big Sir if you are a couple looking for some peace and quiet. You will enjoy strolling on the Pfeiffer Beach with your significant other. You can discover the beautiful features like mountains, wildlife, rives, beaches, valleys and creeks. There are many other romantic honeymoon getaways all over the world you can decide to go to, just pick your favorite and enjoy!

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