#TheSkinProject Facial Serum & Using Serum For Your Skin

Skin serum and facial serum#TheSkinProject has led me to another interesting topic: skin serums. Serums are an interesting addition to the skincare arsenal: packed with active ingredients and eliminating moisture-retaining fillers like petrolatum, they are a great resource for doing some heavy lifting in skin repair. Serums’ super-slim texture helps them sink into the skin quickly and get to work!
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When To Throw Your Makeup Away

When To Throw Makeup AwayIt’s true, ladies: your makeup goes bad, just like your milk. Old makeup products can be a breeding ground for bacteria, but since cosmetics manufacturers aren’t yet required by law to put expiration dates on their products, it’s up to us to remember when to ditch the expired ones.

Below are some guidelines for when to toss each type of makeup, and here’s a tip: if you have trouble remembering when you bought it, get one of those nifty White-Out pens and scribble the purchase date onto the container as soon as you get it home. (You can always write it on the bottom if you love to parade out your new Diorshow in the bathroom with your friends.)

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Celebrity Makeup: Who’s Your Beauty Double?

Scarlett Johansson Red Hair Red LipsDon’t hit me, but I often get told I look like Scarlett Johansson. No, really. I started out blonde in life and when her movie¬†The Island came out, I literally got a call from my ex-boyfriend proclaiming she was my double. (Other motives? Who knows…)

For years since then I’ve been a redhead – then blammo, The Avengers hits the box office, she’s a redhead too and the comments start up again. I’m certainly not complaining, since by the looks of ScaJo I’ll definitely take it as a compliment, but I definitely don’t think I’m on her level. However, though our features may be similar, we have totally different makeup styles.
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Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter Review #PerlierOnHSN

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter ReviewI received this product as part of an iFabbo membership campaign. I received no other compensation for reviewing this product. All reviews are 100% my own. 

Ladies, get ready to try the most indulgent body butter ever to come out of Italy. Perfect for winter, Perlier Imperial Nourishing Body Butter uses the honey of black bees (no really, there are black bees. Google it) combined with royal jelly to get skin buzzing with moisture.

Scent-wise, the honey notes stuck out to me most, though it includes fragrance identified as “Oriental woods” (here’s a hint to anyone out there who might be Christmas shopping for me: if the smell is described as “Oriental Woods”, I’ll love it).

Out here in the dry desert, my skin needs constant moisture, and Perlier’s thick, luxurious texture keeps that moisture in. I smooth it on all over right after my shower and I find I stay silky soft all day. Che bella!

Click here http://bit.ly/GT2CdC and use coupon code iFabbo5 to get $5 off your Imperial Body Butter at HSN. Enjoy and stay soft, ladies!

Makeup Brush Maintenance: When Should I Clean My Makeup Brushes?

Makeup brush maintenance - when should I clean my makeup brushes?In order to keep your make-up brushes in great condition, you must take care of them. That means cleaning them correctly on a regular basis.

Make up brushes should be cleaned approximately every 2-3 months. They should be thoroughly cleansed with a brush cleaner, or you can try using a clarifying shampoo. If you have sensitive skin, you can even try using your facial cleanser, since it will be less harsh on your skin when you use them again. I like Japonesque’s Makeup Brush Cleaner. A very gentle all-natural dish soap will work too.

After cleansing, make sure to reshape the brushes immediately to avoid ruining them. Then let them air dry.

See, it isn’t that hard to keep your brushes in mint condition! Cleansing and maintaining them this way doesn’t promise that the brushes will last a lifetime, but it will definitely keep them working longer.

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