Makeup Brush Maintenance: When Should I Clean My Makeup Brushes?

Makeup brush maintenance - when should I clean my makeup brushes?In order to keep your make-up brushes in great condition, you must take care of them. That means cleaning them correctly on a regular basis.

Make up brushes should be cleaned approximately every 2-3 months. They should be thoroughly cleansed with a brush cleaner, or you can try using a clarifying shampoo. If you have sensitive skin, you can even try using your facial cleanser, since it will be less harsh on your skin when you use them again. I like Japonesque’s Makeup Brush Cleaner. A very gentle all-natural dish soap will work too.

After cleansing, make sure to reshape the brushes immediately to avoid ruining them. Then let them air dry.

See, it isn’t that hard to keep your brushes in mint condition! Cleansing and maintaining them this way doesn’t promise that the brushes will last a lifetime, but it will definitely keep them working longer.

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Studio Gear Cosmetics Holiday Smoky Eye Palette Giveaway Winner!

studio-gear-smoky-eye-holiday-paletteGood morning ladies, and thanks to everyone who participated in ourĀ Studio Gear Cosmetics Holiday Smoky Eye Palette Giveaway! You guys are all awesome, and I’m sure every single one of you is a winner in some way. Kumbaya and all that rot.

However, out of all you fake politically correct obligatory-soccer-trophy winners, there’s one REAL winner. Her name is…*drumroll*

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How To: Choose The Right Haircut

Most of you ladies have probably gotten a haircut that looked beautiful – that day, at least. But we have to live with our hair every day, not just when we’ve come straight from the salon. The key to getting a great, versatile haircut that you can wear up, down or in between is choosing one that works for your hair type. Here’s a simple guide to choosing a cut perfect for your hair type:

Jessica Alba Wavy HaircutIf you have naturally thick, wavy hair:

Choose a haircut that’s blunt across the bottom, then layered evenly throughout. (This amount of layering would look too choppy on fine hair, but it works with your thick locks. You lustrous girl, you.)

For styling: blow-dry with a diffuser attachment, then touch up those face-framing curls using a curling iron with a medium sized barrel (try 1 1/2 inch). You can also create curls all over with the curling iron, then break them up gently with your fingers to create a sexy, disheveled look.

Your celebrity hair double: Jessica Alba (Now if she’s your celebrity body double, don’t talk to me.)

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Top 10 Ways To Grow Longer, Stronger Nails

Top 10 Ways to Grow Longer, Stronger NailsThe trend right now leans toward short, polished and slightly rounded nails – a great, low-maintenance windfall for ladies with healthy nails whose only concern is which polish color is the next big thing. But if your nails are constantly breaking or your fingers look a little pudgy when your nails are too short, it’s more likely you turn to French solar tips or acrylics for pretty nail days.

Give the fake nails up, ladies! They’re expensive and out of fashion. Instead, grow your nails longer and stronger with these tips:

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#TheSkinProject Facial Toner & Toning Your Skin: What’s That About?

How to use Facial Toner After Cleansing Your FaceWe’re back with another beautiful #TheSkinProject post, and this week we’re talking about toner. (We mean toner for your face, not for your printer. Nerd.)

Toner is a controversial and highly misunderstood subject, much like attention deficit disorder or celebrity baby naming conventions. The bulk of the confusion comes from the broad use of the term “toner” to apply to anything you dab on with a cotton ball after cleansing. Soon, skincare companies started using “toner” interchangeably with “astringent”, which is the harsher, alcohol-based version of toner meant to reduce oil and tighten pores on those with very oily or acne-prone skin. Consequently, toner started to receive a bad rap for “drying your skin out”.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that there are so many varieties of toner, chances are one will work well for your skin type – it’s more about which product you’re using than what it’s categorized under. With that in mind, you should choose a toner based on 2 things: 1) your skin type; and 2) what your goals are.

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