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LONGWEAR LIPSTICK SHOWDOWN! Which is Better: Too Faced, Kat Von D or Stila?

Longwear lip makeup is all the rage. But which brands stand up and which peter out? Today we’re putting a few of the most popular longwear lipsticks to the test: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, Too Faced Melted, and both Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. Here we go! Continue reading “LONGWEAR LIPSTICK SHOWDOWN! Which is Better: Too Faced, Kat Von D or Stila?” »

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Men: How To Look Stylish on Your Wedding Day

It’s no secret that wearing a suit can make pretty much any man double in attractiveness, as long as his hair, stubble and skin are in good shape too. But there is sometimes a real lack of individual style in men’s tailoring. Even if you’re not usually a suit wearing kind of guy, there’s one day you can’t really avoid it — your wedding day.

It’s also no secret that the wedding day is the bride’s day. It’s her fairytale becoming reality, and she’s the princess of the tale. Her dress will be the most spectacular,her hair and makeup faultless, and the spotlight shall be set firmly on her. Unfortunately, too many style-inept grooms and groomsmen tarnish this perfection with unpolished shoes, a poorly fitted suit or scruffy hair. We thought we’d give some tips that will not only make sure you’re presentable for the big day, but also add a touch more style to your wedding attire. Continue reading “Men: How To Look Stylish on Your Wedding Day” »

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Gigi Hadid’s Supermodel Makeup Tips + Product Faves

The queen of jealousy induction today? Gigi Hadid. This girl is fyne with a Y. Here are her secrets to consistent sexiness (spoiler – it’s mostly budget-friendly!):


Continue reading “Gigi Hadid’s Supermodel Makeup Tips + Product Faves” »


Breaking: Inside Jennifer Aniston’s Nail Polish

I’m in the mood for some celeb news that doesn’t involve what curvy woman Kanye is or isn’t romantically entangled with, so here’s something topical: Jennifer Aniston’s nail polish! Hey, it’s not hard-hitting news, but we’re not exactly CNN either.

We’ve done a deep-dive investigation on her nail polish faves. Here are our findings: Continue reading “Breaking: Inside Jennifer Aniston’s Nail Polish” »


What would YOU wear to your Oscars debut?

  It’s that time of the year again: the Academy Awards are here, a time when we laud actresses for wearing expensive dresses they don’t own and sporting hairstyles and makeup someone else did for them. 
But how many times has Taylor Swift worn Elie Saab and Valentino? Wouldn’t it be a much more interesting affair to watch us neophytes try to gracefully lug 9-foot trains down the red carpet in 5-inch Manolos?

We’d instead love to see the civilian Oscars: regular people fielding E! reporter questions while remembering not to smudge their lipstick. 
To that end, today we ask you: what would your Oscar style be, from head to toe? What designers would you wear? Would you sport Old Hollywood hair and red lips? A plunging neckline and sequins? Something safe, tried-and-true — or would you dare to go modern, abstract, bold – COUTURE?
We want to hear all about it in the comments below. Describe anything and everything, from pin curls to peep toes! 

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