Ways On How To Get A Tan Safely

Summer means that you will have plenty of sunshine now. When you think of sunshine, one of the best things to experience is sunbathing. Yes, many people enjoy getting their tan on. Nothing beats that natural tan on your skin. But before you lay out on the beach towel in your backyard, and stay for long hours, there are some things that you should take note:

Avoid Sunbeds 

Indoor bathing is not considered as legit sunbathing unlike, lovemelanotan. You will get the wrong kind of UV from the indoor sunbeds. These tanning beds will only pump out huge amounts of UVA and no UVB. To stimulate Vitamin B, you will need to acquire UVB rays. 

Unfortunately, UVA rays will penetrate deep down into your dermis. This is the skin’s thickest layer. Through time, this can lead to premature skin aging, suppression of the immune system, and wrinkling. Furthermore, experts provide that the tanning beds will increase your chance of getting skin cancer by 75%. 

Exfoliate your Skin 

Before heading out to the beach, it is also best to exfoliate your skin first. Exfoliating will remove the dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin. This will enable fresh skin to appear. The process of removing the dead skin cells will even out your skin tone. It will remove the oil and dirt that is clogging your pores. This can also prevent acne. 

The lesser the buildup of the dead skin cells, the shallower it will be on the layer of the skin. With this, it will make your natural tan last longer. As you remove the dead skin cells, it will also allow you to tan more easily. This is true as the tan appears and fades evenly. 

To exfoliate, you can make your homemade scrub using salt, sugar, and oatmeal. Make use of this mixture with an exfoliating glove or a loofah pad. 

Understand your Tanning Time 

Your skin will reach a tanning cut-off point when it cannot produce more melanin. Melanin is the tanning pigment so it is pointless to be on the pool all day. Everyone has his or her melanin cut-off. Typically, it is two to three hours or much less if your skin is fair. After this period, you are just subjecting your skin to further UV damage. 

Maintain These Rules 

To safely maintain a tan from lovemelanotan, make sure that it is the same as obtaining one. Wear an SPF shield to protect the skin from different types of UV rays. You can opt for SPF 30 to coast your current levels. The goal is not to continue getting darker throughout the summer. This is not a safe way to handle this process. Remember, too much pigment will look unnatural to you. 

Apply the Right Amount of Sunscreen 

Experts recommend applying an ounce of sunblock across the legs, face, neck, and arms. Then add half an ounce for the torso. Next, apply quarter-sized amounts for the back and head. Finally, make sure that everything will get the same generous coverage.

Sheds: What Type Do You Need?

If you are on the lookout for a new shed, it is essential to know what type is suitable for you. The kind of shed you need depends on various factors, including the location, budget, purpose, and space requirements, and each of them has variables. Some other considerations may not occur to you readily. Building the best sheds is a big investment, so it is something that you want to do right the first time.  

How Will You Use the Shed?

A shed can function a lot more than being storage space. As long as the shed has enough space to fit your purpose, you can benefit from it in many different ways. Keep in mind that when it comes to the size of a shed, it involves not only the width and length but the height as well. It is essential that the shed can fit everything that you put in it. For example, if you are hoping to use the space for a workshop, you will need storage space and shelving for your tools and supplies. You will also want to fit a large desk for assembling projects while having enough room for the people inside to move around easily. 

Consider the Size of Your Yard

While you dream of building one of the best sheds as big as you want, do not forget that it should fit in your property. When it comes to the shed size, think beyond the structure itself. For one, the foundation has to be bigger than the shed by one foot on all sides. Also, take into account some setbacks from the roads, floodplains, and property lines. 

Another important consideration is the aesthetic of the shed. It should look in sync with your home, landscaping, and other features in your property. Will the shed look perfect between the two trees? Will it obstruct the swing set of the kids? The current layout of your yard is a contributing factor to the size you choose for your shed. 

What Will the Shed Store?

A shed is an ultimate storage solution, so what do you plan to keep there? If you want to put heavy and big things such as an ATV or motorcycle, then construct a shed that has about 12ft by 10 ft in dimension. However, know that it is the smaller items that usually eat up space. Do not underestimate your storage needs; you may need to stash lawn furniture, holiday decorations, off-season sports equipment, etc., in your shed. 

Local Regulations

Even though you own your shed, the homeowners association and the local municipality have a say, particularly in its size. Before installation, it is better to check with your locality about registering your shed placement. The homeowners association normally requires no more than 1% footprint and height of your property. Know the restrictions, conditions, and covenants of your HOA before purchasing a shed. 

Room for Growth

As you choose the type of shed you want for your property, consider sizing it up a bit for the future. It is essential to have a larger footprint as you and your family changes your lifestyle over the years. You may have a new hobby and need more space for your tool collection, or you may need room for bulkier equipment that comes with your new sport. 

Remember that there is no need for you to stick to the standard size of the best sheds. The shed builders are the right people to help you build your dream shed according to your needs.

The Curtain Call – How to Know When Your Curtains Are Ready to Be Replaced

When was the last time you replaced your curtains? Chances are it was seemingly eons ago. Curtains play a huge role in bringing your room together, whether that be a small bedroom or a large lounge room. This is why it is so important that they are always kept clean, free of wear and tear and in good condition for maximum appeal. In today’s article, we have a look at some telling signs that your curtains are ready to be replaced, so read on to find out more!

  1. Look For Wear and Tear 

Curtains that are a little too old and due for replacement may have holes or wear and tear that is obvious to the naked eye. Holes are especially common if you have pets such as cats or dogs or even children that may play with the fabric of your curtains. If you find that the edges of your curtains are frayed or even if the colour of the fabric seems to have faded or turned dull, then it just may be time for you to head out and go curtain shopping! 

  1. They Simply Look Outdated 

The interesting thing about curtains is that over the years, trends and styles change immensely. Back in the 70s, geometric curtains were all the rage. In the 80s, ruffles and frills came back in style. One of the best ways to know if your curtains need to be replaced is by simply looking at them. Do they look outdated? Do you feel like you are stuck in the 80s? If you answered yes to both questions, then you almost definitely need to replace your current drapes with one that is more in line with today’s modern aesthetic and style. 

  1. They No Longer Fit Their Purpose 

Did you once install sheer curtains into a room that was meant to be a study? Perhaps you’re looking to revamp that room and turn it into a spare bedroom for guests. Chances are sheer curtains aren’t going to cut it for a bedroom and you’ll have to replace them with new blackout curtains that can keep the light out at night. If your curtains no longer fit their intended purpose, it may be time to swap them out for something that does.  

  1. Have Your Needs Changed?

Perhaps you’re sick of having to send your curtains for dry cleaning every few months and would rather switch them out for a fabric that is machine-washable. Maybe you’ve recently developed allergies and are in need of a fabric that is hypo-allergenic. Depending on your shifting needs, the type of curtains you will require will differ. If you find that your old curtains aren’t meeting your needs today, it is more than likely that the time has come to replace them. 

  1. You’re Looking To Give Your Home a Total Makeover

Last but not least, if you’re looking to give your home an intense makeover, one of the best ways to transform your space is by investing in a new set of quality curtains that complement the overall theme and feel you are looking to achieve in each room. Curtains can often be the focal point of a room, and a feature that ties all the various elements of the room together. If you’re looking to really transform your space, new curtains are an absolute must-have! 


Knowing when to replace your curtains can truly make a world of difference in the overall aesthetic and feel of your home. We hope that this article has given you some insight into the signs to look out for when it comes to replacing your old curtains.

Essential Things You Should Know About 100% Commission Real Estate Broker Model

While people may be inclined to believe that most buyers and sellers of real estate properties no longer use the services of real estate agents since they can find what they need on the internet, statistics show that this is not true. 

The National Association of Realtors shared that only 8% of sellers sold their properties without any help, and 87% of buyers still hired agents to assist them.

These numbers mean good news, especially if you’re a real estate agent since your earnings mostly depend on the number of transactions you complete. More completed dealings would mean more commissions for you or at least half of it since your broker will get the other half if you still abide by the traditional way of splitting commissions.

If you’re exploring other methods that will allow you to receive better compensation, perhaps a 100% Commission Real Estate Broker is what you’re looking for.

Here are some key aspects you should know about this compensation method:

What is the 100%Commission Split?

As the term suggests, this compensation method means you get the full commission. You do not have to split it with your broker. Unlike the traditional way wherein your broker gets a percentage of the commission fees, you get to keep 100% of the amount.

For instance, if the gross commission for the transaction is $12,000, you only receive around $6,000 in the traditional sharing scheme between broker and agent. With the 100% commission model, however, you get to keep the entire $12,000.

Note that the brokerage firm earns by charging you with at least a few hundred dollars a month for the use of office space or membership fees. Other brokers offer a flat rate regardless of the amount of the transactions.

What are the Advantages of the 100% Commission Model?

To help you appreciate the 100% commission split more, consider the following advantages of choosing this scheme:

  • Higher Earnings

Given that this arrangement allows you to keep the full commission, you have the chance to earn more money, especially if you’re a seasoned agent who can complete multiple transactions a month. You may need to pay a certain amount for membership, office space, facilities, and other support services. The sum of these expenses will be much lower if you will compare it to the total amount of commission fees you will lose in the usual 50/50 split with your broker.

  • Flexibility

When you opt for a 100% commission broker, you have full control over your business. You’re in charge of all your transactions, schedules, and how you spend your money. You can meet with clients and manage your social life without having to answer to anyone or deal with sales quotas

  • Career Boost

Instead of promoting the broker’s business name, you have the chance to make a name in the industry if you choose the 100% commission model. You can build your brand according to the direction you want without having to worry about building-up the broker’s image as well. You will get sole recognition for all the work you put in.

The information above will give you an idea about the 100% Commission Real Estate Broker model and if it will better address your career goals as a real estate agent. Just make sure that you find a reputable brokerage firm that will work with you and will support you not only to earn more but to be the best in what you do. 

Finding the Right Roof Contractor

Finding the Right Roof Contractor

Roofs shelter you from storms, shield you from direct sunlight and give you a goodnight rest during a rainy night. But, how do you take care of your roof in return? Finding the right people in helping you take care or repair your roof is sometimes confusing and challenging. Look for the right people you’ll trust your roof repairs with that will deliver the job well done.

Here are the tips on how to find the right roofing contractors for you.

Local Contractors

Find a local contractor for your roofing needs. It is more practical in terms of the warranty or even back jobs because they will be available and accessible whenever the need arises. There are also fewer chances of scams since they are a part of your community. They already know about local codes and rules, and they are likely to be more reliable too when it comes to urgent situations.  

No Pressure

Some contractors pressure you to give in and sign a contract even before estimating the job needed to be done. Always be sensitive to these little details because this might be a trap you don’t want to be in. The right roofing contractor doesn’t rush you with everything. Slowly assess and check whatever you need so that they can help you in the best way possible.

Weigh the Price with Quality

Expensive doesn’t have to be the best and cheap doesn’t also always mean compromised quality. Check their websites, rates and the reviews from previous clients. These will help you know more about the contractor that you are eyeing to work with. It is more than the price, and it is more on the services that the contractor can provide even if you did not ask. Don’t settle for the lowest or the highest price; weigh everything to find the best deal.

Research is the Key

Everyone has the power to research now. It is just as easy as checking your smartphones or any device that can connect to the internet. When you want to do background checks on your own or even canvassing for the right service provider that will fit your needs, you can do so by surfing the details you want to know online.

Checking their websites may not be enough as they can filter the comments or reviews given by previous clients. However, there are platforms wherein clients can give their honest reviews on a particular company which helps a lot of people finding the right fit for their needs. It is also essential to be knowledgeable about the roofing contractors you’ll get because they will see that you are not an “easy-to-get away-with” type of client.

Direct Referrals

Ask your friends, family or relatives if they can recommend someone that they have worked with before because they have tried and tested their services. For sure, it will not be recommended if they were not satisfied with its work. It doesn’t always mean that whenever someone you know referred to a particular company or service provider, it is the one you are looking for. This is not always the case, but referrals usually help. You still need to do your research about that specific referral.

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