10 Skincare & Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

We all know how uncomfortable it can be to have an oily face. Especially when you just can’t stop sweating, or you’re wearing makeup, this becomes an annoyance. But you don’t have to let this narrate how you look and feel. Instead, you can take actions to get rid of the problematic oil.

But this is not easy. Taking care of your face needs arduous work and time investments. But as long as follow the right steps and learn how to do it every day – you’ll find that getting rid of oily skin is not that hard. You can visit womenangle.com to find out best product for oily skin and consider the following tips for great results:


  • Cleanse Every Day


If there’s a technique to get rid of oil fast and easy, it is exfoliation and cleansing. There’s nothing more to do than to keep your skin clean. That way you can get rid of oil-making bacteria & dirt that makes you all greasy and uncomfortable.

We recommend cleansing your face at least twice a day using an organic cleanser. This will eliminate all the dirt and particles that could create the greasy feeling you hate. The same happens with buildup, which often appears in small crevices or bumps on your face. And finally, cleansing prevents clogged pores & acne – the main enemies of face skin.

The best products for cleansing are medicated soaps and gel-based cleansers. This way you don’t have to buy expensive products. Just something that cleans safely and gets rid of unwanted particles & contaminants in your face.

So keep your skin clean and free of unwanted particles, and you’ll improve how it looks and feel. But remember, this needs consistency. Otherwise, you will never get rid of the awful oily skin.


  • Exfoliate Weekly


Along with a great cleansing process every day, you need to exfoliate and scrub as well. But this is something you can do twice or thrice a week if you want. It is the perfect way to eliminate sebum from your skin and getting rid of dead cells that produce acne and pimples.

And of course, it’s essential to do all this gently. When you damage your skin with harsh scrubbing or scratching, you may end up having the opposite effect. You will eventually make sebaceous gland produce more oil trying to fix the damage on your skin. And surely, you don’t want that.


  • Don’t Forget to Moisturize & Tone Up


After cleaning and exfoliating, there’s nothing more useful than a moisturizer to control how much oil your skin produces. Using a moisturizer helps to hydrate your skin and eliminate dead cells more effectively than any other product, which in consequence prevents oil production.

Moisturizer also prevents pimples, acne, and other skin-related conditions that could produce oil. And what’s even better, moisturizing your skin ends up in an even better cleansing process that keeps your skin free of contaminants for many hours.

But this is not enough. To make the process even better, you can add a toner. This useful product eliminates the excess of oil from your skin, as well as cleaning any dirt or residue you don’t want. And what’s better, it removes the excess of sebum that produces oil.

A toner works similarly to a moisturizer, you just need to spray a little in your skin and rub softly. We recommend doing this a few hours after moisturizing but before wearing any makeup.

If you have pigmented skin, you can also use skin lightening creams in daily to eliminate pigmentation marks easily.


  • Use Natural Face Masks


Either after exfoliating or cleansing, a face mask can be one of the best ways to make your skin oil-free. It is like a moisturizer, toner, and exfoliation altogether. Just rub the mask and leave it to do its work for a few minutes and that’s it.

But we recommend sticking to natural face masks instead of artificial ones. For this, you can mash the pulp of a papaya. Then add a little lemon and mix to get a creamy substance. Apply this substance and let it rest for about 15 to 20 minutes.

You can also do the same with a fresh apple. Just cut a few slices then add two tablespoons of honey and mash them up together. You’ll end up with a thick paste that you can apply on your skin and leave for 20 minutes.

Using a natural face mask will clean your pores, control oil production, and hydrate your skin further. Then you’ll have a cleaner and more beautiful skin free of any oil that’s ready for some makeup.


  • Use Primer before Makeup


There’s nothing more uncomfortable than feeling your makeup smudging across your face after a long day. This is very common, and most of the time happens when you wear a lot of makeup, but oil starts acting to spread it all around your face.

This is not only uncomfortable but could also make your makeup look horrendous. Luckily, you can prevent this by using a primer. Yes, after you’ve moisturized & toned up your skin, your face is ready to pass through the first step of wearing makeup to prevent oily skin: applying a base of primer.

We recommend primers oriented towards greasy skins. They will prevent pores from clogging and avoid the creation of acne.

You just need to apply primer before wearing anything but always after you’ve cleansed and moisturized your skin. After doing it, you’ll have perfect skin to wear as much makeup as you want without undesired effects even after several hours.


  • Concealer


When you have greasy skin, wearing too much makeup and using many products will eventually worsen the condition. The same happens when you use strong products that ultimately harm your skin with time. To prevent all this, we recommend using a concealer instead of any type of foundation.

A concealer typically has less oil than most types of foundation & makeup products so you can be sure that it will not have any soothing effect on your skin. It will also decrease the chance of developing acne, pimples, and keeps your skin safe at all times.

You’ll just need to apply concealer to your skin with the tip of your fingertips. Massage slowly and spread all around the places where you’re going to apply makeup. Afterward, you’ll have an oil-free skin ready to look amazing, even if you want to wear some maquillage.


  • Keep Powder with You


Powder is not the most common makeup & skin care product to have, but it is one of the most useful for oily skin. Applying powder on your oily forehead, nose, and cheeks can get rid of the awful shine and helps to keep makeup on its place.

The best powder you can get is a translucent one. If it is a light option, it will be even better. You can also use cornstarch which is even better than any artificial alternative as it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.

We recommend applying powder after the concealer and before any makeup. Target the areas that tend to be oilier on your face, and massage with circles softly. After doing this, oil won’t make your skin shine, and you’ll feel fresh. This will also help to keep makeup on its place.


  • Only Wear Oil-Free & Long-Lasting Products


Whether it is a makeup item or a skincare product, there’s nothing more important than getting something that has no oil in it. Especially for those women who tend to have severe oily skins every day, wearing things that have no oil can be extremely useful to prevent further oil production.

Long-wear makeup options are also beneficial. They tend to leave a matte look on your skin which prevents the creation of the awful shiny & greasy appearance.

To increase the effect of oil-free & long-wear products, you can use a finishing spray. It helps your makeup to last longer than usual and creates a barrier that prevents any oil from smudging. And of course, it lets your skin breathe by adding a slight moisturizing effect that prevents oil production as well.


  • Bring Blotting Paper or Cotton Everywhere


Carrying a makeup bag with moisturizer, face wash, concealer, and primer everywhere can be a bother. Especially on a night out or on a trip to a wild place, you won’t like to have something sturdy & unnecessary on your arm. Instead, you can just bring blotting paper or a few cotton balls to clean face oil.

Yes, either blotting paper or cotton can help to get rid of the oil excess in your skin. It could be a lifesaver whenever you’re out there sweating too much with a shiny face you don’t like.

Just pass the piece of paper or ball across your face softly and let it absorb the oil excess. And guess what, it works wonders. Try not to smudge makeup around while doing this and you’ll have an oil-free skin later.


  • Wear Sunscreen


One of the first enemies of oily skin is the sun. Yes, you won’t believe this is true, but the sun can actually produce oil and many other conditions you don’t want.

We recommend using a gel-based sunscreen if possible. It is the best choice for greasy skin as it doesn’t dry your face and keep it fresh in the process. And surely, sunscreen will protect your face against sun rays that can be pretty harmful too.

From freckles to brown spots, dry skin, pimples, acne, and more – these are all consequences of too many sun rays on your face. With sunscreen, you can prevent them all.

Get Rid of Oily Skin Today!

Oily skin looks awful, feels annoying, and can worsen your makeup. That’s why you don’t want it on your skin. To fix that, there’s nothing more useful than the tips we just gave you.

Remember to follow our advice to the letter, and you’ll improve how you look and feel in a matter of weeks or even just days. Just remember it takes time and effort. But eventually, you’ll get rid of that frustrating greasy feeling.

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