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10 Types of Inspirational Body Piercings & Their Jewelry

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Gone are the days when people used to get piercings only on their ears or nose. Today, the piercing trend has got a broad dimension. In other words, there are several locations on your body when you get a piercing these days. In this article, we would be talking about different types of inspiration body piercings and their respective jewelry. Read on to know:

Eyebrow: Although eyebrow piercing dates back to the 1970s, it wasn’t quite popular at that time. However, today more and more people especially youngsters are opting for this piercing. Reason – it helps them showing their distinct style and personality. For eyebrows, a curved barbell, circular barbell or captive ring is an ideal choice. Spiral barbells are for those who want something unique. Best is to explore body jewelry online and see what options you have.

Tongue: A tongue piercing can be worn as a simple fashion statement. This type of piercing is perfect for those who want to showcase their daring and bold attitude. To make a statement using tongue piercing, opt for a barbell or stud. You can choose either a simple gold stud or opt for something classy like a pearl barbell.

Collar: Collar piercing is a great way to draw enough attention to your collarbone. A pair of diamond or gemstone studs is perfect to make that area stand out.

Belly: An outstanding way to flaunt a belly button, a belly piercing is quite popular among fashionistas.  Adorn your piercing with a captive bead ring, diamond banana bell, bell ring with charm or reverse belly ring.

Ankle: Stand out among your friends by getting your ankle pierced. A simple diamond stud resting on your ankle would be highly captivating. To add some color, you can opt for gemstone studs. 

Genital: A genital piercing can be worn for self-expression, body adornment or sexual enhancement. The most common form of genital piercing for a woman is the clitoral hood piercing. Men can opt for Prince Albert piercing as it is quite popular these days. For genital piercing, barbell for men and gemstone stud for women would be great.

Nipple: Nipple piercing dates back to the time when Native American men in the Victorian area used to wear it. Today, both men and women love to wear this piercing to feel bold and sexy. From plain barbells and hoops to gem and diamond-encrusted looks, choose anything that best suits your taste.

Lip: Getting a lip pierced is a great way to add a touch of boldness to your everyday look.  To your lip piercing, a diamond or gemstone labret stud can do the trick. 

Nose: A nose piercing is not just confined to a perforation on your nostrils. Today, different kinds of nose piercings like septum piercing, high nostril piercing, Nasallang, septril and bridge piercing are on-trend.  To accentuate your nose piercings, look out for nose studs, bones, hoop rings, seamless rings, etc.

Ear: Just like nose piercing, ear piercing can be done in several ways. Besides lobe piercing, other common forms of ear piercing are helix piercing, rook, industrial, daith, orbital, auricle, snug, and conch piercing. To accessorize your ear piercing, you can choose piercing jewelry styles from stud earrings, upright barbell, captive bead rings, curved barbells, and hoop rings. 

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