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My 2014 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Beauty ResolutionsI’ve been thinking about my New Year’s resolutions for awhile. After all, I can’t just make decisions for the whole year in one day! While there are plenty of non-superficial goals I have for this year, I thought the beauty related ones would interest you all more.  Here’s what I want out of my looks this year:

1. Take better care of my teeth. White teeth are the key to a healthy beautiful look, and mine aren’t quite in the ivory family yet. I’m using Rembrandt Intense Stain Dissolving Strips for some painless whitening, flossing morning and night, and brushing with GoSMILE Lemonade Whitening Protection Toothpaste ($16 at Amazon).

2. Stop buying clearance makeup. Don’t worry, I’ll keep getting great deals and testing things out for you guys – but 75% off of the drugstore price isn’t a good sign and hasn’t proven effective for me.

3. Get a healthy, natural glow. I used to be a tanorexic, but after reading some skin cancer exposees, I’ve reverted to my normal Aryan pale complexion. I’d like something in the middle, so I’m giving Jergens Natural Glow a shot. I may switch to Mystic soon, if I decide to budget for that.

4. Lay off the CHI. I have a history of being fully addicted to my flat iron, but my hair suffers intense damage, and it gets all limp and oily a few hours after. I think in 2014 with all the cute bobs and wavy hairstyles floating around, it’s time to change it up.

5. Have consistently pretty nails. They don’t have to be fresh from the salon, but mine rarely are often chipped and I have an occasional nailbiting habit (so fourth grade of me). I’m using Nutra Nail Green Tea Growth Treatment to strengthen them and trying to keep polish on them so I don’t chew.

That’s enough to make me a little prettier in 2014. What about you girls? What are your beauty resolutions?

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