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2017: the year of the body you want (p.s. giveaway)

jericho core de force high ponytail braid redhead

It’s that time of year: everyone is interested in atoning for their holiday sins and getting (back) the body they want. Here’s the latest in fitness goodies that’ll help you reach your goals in 2017:

  • Learn to love the gym: Did you know I’m a fitness instructor? You probably did. I’m obsessed with life in the gym, but I wasn’t always. Something happened in my brain one day after working out for a long time — rather than suffering through my workouts to attain some waist size, I began to enjoy and even crave my workouts. Now I have so much fun designing and trying out new programs, and the gym is the BEST part of my day. You may not be even close to that in your life, but try a new class, do some research, find a way to make it FUN and exciting for you… because it truly can be.Or, if you don’t want to leave the house to work out…
  • Kick butt at home: Core De Force is an AMAZING new workout from Beachbody (the people who first got me crazy about fitness, way back in my Insanity days!) based on MMA principles. First, I love Jericho — her name, her strength and her HAIR:jericho core de force high ponytail braid redheadCDF is an amazing total-body workout that really emphasizes that rotational movement at the core in addition to building strength – plus, I never genuinely felt like I could throw a punch… and now I do!
    cailin feels punchy core de force king kai training shirt fitbit gloves

    I love that Core De Force offers modifications for every single exercise and yet still takes me to the next level simply using my body weight. Plus, you can do it in the privacy of your own home, so if you want to roll out of bed like me and work out in your underwear rather than going to see your coworkers, there’s a workout for that!

  • Curb your cravings: Qurb Shot is a new product designed to help maintain your energy and curb your cravings throughout the day. We’re giving away a free box of Qurb Original, a $30 value – enter below (US winners only):a Rafflecopter giveaway
  • Redefine your goals: This is the final and most important tip. Think outside the scale. Non-scale victories (NSVs) are huge and much less psychologically torturous than the fickle scale. Can you do more pushups than you could a month ago? Do you find yourself fretting less and less each morning, forgetting to feel like everything looks awful on you (because it doesn’t anymore)? Does your bloodwork look better? All of that is a WIN.

What are you doing to work toward the body you want in 2017?

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