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29 Beautiful Ways To Use a Q-Tip

29 Beautiful Ways to Use a Q-Tip Feature

29 Beautiful Ways to Use a Q-TipAs you can probably guess from my inability to budget in the makeup department, I have a myriad of different high quality cosmetics brushes and makeup applicators from any number of illustrious brands at my disposal. However, my favorite beauty tool remains to this day the glorious Q-tip (or “cotton swab”, for you generic types).

The cotton swab provides an amazing quick fix for nearly every beauty related issue, and can be used to apply nearly any product with excellent precision. Here’s a massive list of 29 great ways to use Q-tips for all your beauty needs:

  1. Feather your eyebrow color through brow hairs to make pencil, powder or brow set look more realistic.
  2. Banish flaky skin. Dip a cotton swab in an exfoliating facial scrub and rub over dry spots.
  3. Erase eye makeup smudges. Dip a Q Tip in moisturizer or makeup remover to selectively swipe away stray mascara, liner or shadow.
  4. Pop pimples safely by gently rolling it over a zit for a scar-free pop.
  5. Apply lip stain with a cotton swab to avoid staining fingers and get it in all the right places.
  6. Clean excess nail polish off the edges of your cuticles with nail polish remover.
  7. Say farewell to puffy eyes. Stick a wet cotton swab in a Ziplock bag in the fridge for five minutes, then simply roll it under your eyes.
  8. Remove lipstick smudges from teeth without having to lick it off. Ew!
  9. Apply highlighter to tricky areas like the inner corners of your eyes or your Cupid’s bow.
  10. Get rid of “goopies” that collect in the inner corners of your eyes without smudging your makeup.
  11. Clean up hair dye drips from your forehead while coloring your hair at home.
  12. Create smoky eyes by smudging color into the lashes with a Q-tip.
  13. Keep nail polish bottles from sealing shut by swathing the rim in vegetable oil with a cotton swab.
  14. Apply moisturizer to the eye area without fear of stabbing yourself with your fingers.
  15. Smooth uneven or spotty lip liner around the outer edges of lips and Cupid’s bow.
  16. Neatly dab away tears from eyes with a Q-tip to prevent them from running down your face and ruining your makeup.
  17. Conceal your roots by loading a cotton swab with eyeshadow that matches your hair color and running it over roots.
  18. Fix creased eyelid color by smudging the shadow back into place with a cotton swab.
  19. Prep your lips for lipstick by swirling a wet Q-tip in baking soda and buffing away flakes.
  20. Whiten stained nails. Dip a cotton swab in a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, swab over fingernails and rinse after 3 minutes.
  21. Target mascara-less lashes without messing up the rest by dipping a cotton swab in the mascara tube, then sweeping over the errant lash.
  22. Perfect liquid eyeliner by using a cotton swab in makeup remover to clean and smooth the line.
  23. Control unruly brows by running a Vaseline-covered Q-tip over the hairs.
  24. Moisturize your ears! Yes, your ears need moisturizing too. Use a cotton swab for the inner contours.
  25. Clean up self-tanner from cuticles, elbows and the backs of your knees.
  26. Alternatively, apply self-tanner inside stretch marks to hide them or other small spots you missed.
  27. Apply shadow just under brows – the cotton swab is incredibly precise.
  28. Dab specks of fallen eyeshadow away by just touching the end of a Q-tip to them – no smudging required!
  29. Sneezed after putting on mascara? Your makeup isn’t ruined! Just dab a Q-tip in foundation and roll over the smudges.

Got even more beautiful uses for cotton swabs? Comment and tell me all about it!

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    1. Erica – thanks for your comment! Q-Tips are definitely great for cleaning up nail work. They can still be used with alcohol to clean the outside of your ears – it’s going inside the ear canal with anything, Q-tip or otherwise, that can be dangerous.

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