4 Important Details You Should Never Forget When Planning for Your Wedding

A wedding is one of the significant milestones in every couple’s life. It’s a celebration of your love for each other and your commitment to spending the rest of your lives together through the sunny days and the stormy ones. Planning for this major life milestone is both exciting and daunting with the many details that you need to consider.

From determining ways to fund your wedding to visiting shops like The Volte Dress Hire for your wedding gown, your to-do list may seem endless. You may find yourself worrying that you would forget a vital element in the wedding ceremony or reception. To help you out, here are some important details you should never forget when planning your wedding:

  1. Create Wedding-Related Accounts

Once you and your significant other are engaged, you should create a separate email account for everything related to your wedding. Use this particular email for communicating with suppliers so that, after the event, your personal inbox won’t be bombarded with newsletters from different businesses that you’ve contacted and worked with.

You can use this email to make a new Google Drive or Dropbox account as well. Moreover, having a folder or binder, whether digital or traditional, would also be beneficial in organizing the event. This way, you have one place to store everything that you would need for your wedding.

  1. Determine Your Budget

Talk with your partner about how much money you can spend on the wedding itself. Make sure that you both agree on the amount and on how you will split the cost. Will you be creating a joint account and put your shares there? Or will you be using one of your accounts? It’s also best to decide at this stage if you need to take a loan or not.

  1. Identify Who’s In

List down how many guests you will be inviting as well as who will be part of your wedding entourage. You can categorize them to guests who must attend, especially if they have a role in the ceremony, and those who would be nice to have during your wedding. For the former, you have to let them know as early as possible so that they can plot their schedules and book their flights. Once you have determined if your priority guests can or can’t join you on the day, you can invite the other guests.

  1. Book Everything

It’s best to book everything as early as you can. This will take a big load off your shoulders and make sure that you can have the event on the date you want. Here are the suppliers you need:

  • Wedding Planner – If you’re going to hire a wedding planner, talk to them as soon as possible. A wedding planner is crucial in coordinating with your other suppliers. He or she can even bargain for the rates on your behalf.
  • Officiant – Schedule the date with the priest, pastor, or judge who will officiate the ceremony and confirm their availability on your wedding date.
  • Venue – Determine if you will be having two separate locations for the ceremony and reception or have it all in one place. Afterward, book the venue months ahead.
  • Photographers and Videographers – Look for photographers and videographers whose style you like and schedule them for your wedding date. If you want to have your prenuptial pictures taken by them, plan it as well.
  • Band or DJ – Entertainment is essential for the reception. Make sure that the group you hire can stay for the duration of the entire wedding if you need them to since they may have other gigs on the same day. Talk to them about the specific songs you want and don’t want to be played at your wedding.
  • Florists – It’s important to talk to the florists as soon as possible so that they can let you know which flowers are in season during that time.
  • Caterers – Book your caterer months ahead especially if you are planning to have your wedding during the holiday season since it is the peak time for their services. Make sure to find out if they include extras like table fabric runners, etc in the cost. 
  • Bridal Shops – Plot the schedule for your wedding dress fittings as well as for the bridesmaids. Give an allowance of about three to six months for the dresses to be fitted and sized if you want them custom-made.
  • Transportation – Reserve the vehicle you need for the event. This is essential if you have separate locations for the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Hair and Makeup Artists – Make an appointment with them and confirm the time that they need to be at your house or hotel room for the preparations.


Don’t forget to enjoy the planning process of your wedding. It is, after all, a celebration of you and your partner’s love. A wedding is merely the beginning of your new adventure with your significant other. You can be meticulous but don’t stress out on the minute details that won’t have any bearing on your marriage afterward.

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