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5 Advances In Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is a growing medical field that can do a lot of good for a lot of patients. Plastic surgery has many benefits for a patient, including improving self confidence and making you look young again. Due to these benefits, people are flocking to plastic surgeons. In addition, plastic surgery is rapidly advancing making it much safer and more effective than it was in the past. This makes plastic surgery all the more attractive to potential patients. So what exactly are these advances in plastic surgery? Here are five major advances in the field of plastic surgery.

Less Invasive Injections

One of the biggest fears people have about plastic surgery are the risks and problems that could stem from invasive procedures. Thankfully these worries can be mostly put to rest with recent advancements in plastic surgery. Now injections can be extremely effective while being minimally invasive. This means that you could have many of the benefits of injections without many of the risks that are typically associated. People can enjoy the positives of looking younger and feeling better without having to worry about something going wrong.


Biologics are considered state of the art medical technology, and their recent advancements have only furthered the effectiveness of plastic surgery. Biologics are natural substances that recreate hard-to-copy natural substances like enzymes and hormones. Biologics allow plastic surgeons to use much more natural substances rather than the synthetic material that was previously used. This is much healthier for the body, and as further advancements are made to biologics they will only become more and more safe.

3-D Printing

3-D printing has seen an increase in use in a wide variety of fields and industries, especially in plastic surgery. Surgeons can now use 3-D printing to model how the surgery will go. This can be a great help for surgical planning, as surgeons can know exactly what to do by using 3-D printed models. Although surgeons have been unable to successfully use 3-D printing to create implants, they still have a major effect on the pre-operation process. Perhaps in the future 3-D printing will have an even bigger role to play in plastic surgery and implants.


As computer technology has advanced, surgeons have gained the ability to practice surgery through computer simulations. These computer simulations allow surgeons to practice their surgeries as many times as possible. Not only does this increase the skill of the surgeons doing plastic surgery, but also greatly reduces the risk involved. Surgeons will be able to see what works during surgery and what to avoid, something that will make plastic surgery much safer in the future.


Gone are the days of people coming to plastic surgeons and trying to get massive butt implants to look like a supermodel. Now the technology is here to allow plastic surgeons to make “tweakments”. Tweakments are small adjustments to a body that will enhance your features without it being overly dramatic. There definitely will be an improvement after the surgery, but it won’t look extremely drastic and out of place. The whole purpose of tweakments is to alter your body in a way that feels more natural and less noticeable. This is a great advancement as it allows plastic surgery to look more natural and be much more effective in its goals.

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