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5 best ways to avoid the risk of fire due to electrical fault

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Electrical hazards are very common, and many incidents ultimately lead to a fire. Approximately 51000 fires, 500 deaths, 1400 injuries and $1.3 billion in damage occur each year due to these electrical hazards. All this is a result of a little negligence. 

Even the tiniest carelessness can end up in a devastating impact and so, Hexo services ensure your home is safe. 

Outdated electrical wiring

A worn-out wiring system in your home/workplace is very dangerous. Such wiring cannot handle heavy voltages of commonly used electrical appliances, e.g. refrigerators, air conditioners, iron, and microwave ovens, resulting in a short-circuiting causing fire. 

This is because the old wiring heats up quickly due to the heavy power load. As the wiring system is spread all around the property, so the damage is not just confined to one place. In worst case scenarios, you may need to call an emergency electrician to help handle the problem.

Multiple plugins in one extension cord

This is a very common cause of electrical fire, and most people tend to ignore it. This occurs when a lot of electrical appliances such as phone charger, television, and computer etc. are connected to a single extension cord, which is connected to a single socket. Due to such overloading, the wiring connected to the socket heats up, resulting in a fire.

Worn out electrical outlets

When sockets get older, their wiring becomes loose, and there is a higher chance of breakage, which can cause a fire. The old appliances consume a lot of power, and when these are connected to old sockets, they further increase the chance of fire. There is also a fire hazard when these appliances are connected to a single extension cord.


Everyone is guilty of leaving their phone on charge overnight. You may even leave your laptop or other equipment charging all day. However, you’ve probably noticed that when your device is fully charged, it starts to buzz and can get hot if left. This heat can quickly result in fire, which is why you should only leave items on charge if you’re using a battery cabinet, like these Lithium-ion Battery Cabinets at Storemasta. This ensures any fire is contained within the metal casing, and any battery acid is drained away.

Light fixtures

Installing a high wattage bulb creates a risk of an electrical fire. This is because its high wattage heats the wiring inside the socket it is connected to, ultimately causing a fire. Also, placing a piece of cloth or a paper on a lampshade is potentially dangerous.



Safety should be your priority. You should ensure that your extension cords don’t contain many plugins. If your room has fewer sockets, install more of them to prevent any extreme outcome. Alternatively, you can have heavy-duty extension cords but make sure that its wiring does not run underfloor rugs or carpets because doing so can generate excessive heat.


Replace your old appliances with new ones to mitigate the risk of electrical hazards. If your existing appliances are not outdated, check if any severed wires need replacing. You should not hesitate in investing new and safe appliances as it ensures your utter safety.


You need to replace any old and impaired wiring as soon as possible. Several signs show that the wiring has been worn out, such as flickering lights, sparks from power outlets or shocks from appliances, etc. Of course, it goes without saying that any electrical work that you do not feel comfortable or confident doing should be left to a professional with the appropriate training to do for you. It is far better to get an electrician from somewhere like Dadz Electrical Services out to replace your wiring safely than risk making the issue worse, or even injuring yourself. 


Always use the bulbs with recommended wattage and avoid placing a piece of cloth or paper on lamp shades.


Replace old sockets with the new ones. Also, check the wire ends when sockets are being swapped. If they are burnt or severed, this is a clear indication that the wiring needs to be substituted.

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