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5 Body Shapes: What Type of Jeans Is the Best Fit for Yours?


All bodies are beautiful, but that doesn’t mean every pair of jeans will look good on all of them. Women need to find jeans tailored to their body types if they want to look their best. Read on to find out what type of jeans is best for each of the five main body types to get the search for the perfect pair started off on the right foot.

Best Styles for Apple-Shaped Bodies

Women with apple-shaped bodies have mid-sized to large breasts, short waists, and slim legs. When buying jeans for this body type, the goal is to elongate the figure since apple-shaped bodies carry most of their weight around the midsection. Try to create the image of extra curves with defined tops and belts or by focusing attention either down to slim legs or up to curvaceous chests.

The best jean styles for apple-shaped bodies are those with mid-rise waistbands or elasticized waists. Boot-cut jeans will also be a good fit. There are plenty of options available at filly flair that will look great on apple-shaped bodies. Just try to avoid high-waisted and low-rise jeans and any sorts of embellishments around the waistline.

Best Jeans for Pear-Shaped Bodies

Women with pear-shaped bodies have small shoulders, small to mid-sized breasts, and wide hips. Their torsos are smaller than their hips and lower bodies and their waists are very slim, which means most of the weight gets carried in the hips. Most women have this body type.

The goal for complementing a pear-shaped body is to draw attention to small, well-defined waists. This downplays extra weight around the hips and can help to add proportion to women’s shapes. Women with this body type have a lot of options when it comes to finding the perfect denim jeans.

The best styles of jeans for pear-shaped bodies are those that sit low or just below the waistline. Styles with tapered legs and boot-cut jeans can also be good fits since they make the legs look longer, while flared legs can help to make the body look more balanced. Relaxed-fit styles like boyfriend jeans can also be a good fit since they provide some extra room around the thighs, but don’t go overboard because baggy jeans can make pear-shaped women look larger than they are.

Best Jeans for Hourglass-Shaped Bodies

Women with hourglass-shaped bodies have small waists, round hips, and good proportions. They put on weight evenly across their bodies, but heavier hourglass-shaped women tend to have larger hips, thighs, and bottoms. While this classic shape is considered the quintessential female silhouette, it comes with its fair share of style pitfalls.

Baggy clothing makes hourglass-shaped women look heavier, while jeans that fit too tight tend to draw attention to problem areas. It’s best to look for jeans with wide legs and some flare provided the flare doesn’t exceed shoulder-width. Low-rise, boot-cut style jeans are a good fit for most hourglass-shaped women. Skinny jeans can be great for showing off curves, but those who have some extra weight in their thighs may want to steer clear of tight styles. Hourglass-shaped women should also avoid jeans with a lot of stretches, as these styles can make the hips and thighs look larger than they are.

Best Jeans for Strawberry-Shaped Bodies

Women with strawberry-shaped bodies have wide, square shoulders, mid-sized to large breasts, and slim hips. They tend to carry little to no weight around the thighs. Instead, most strawberry-shaped women’s weight is carried further up.

Strawberry-shaped women have their pick when it comes to jeans since almost any style will form a perfect complement to this body type. Since these women carry their weight up top and have small hips and slim thighs, they can feel free to experiment with boot-cut, flared, straight-leg, and skinny jean styles. Just about any type of jeans will look great when paired with the right top.

Best Jeans for Banana-Shaped Bodies

Women with banana-shaped bodies have very few curves. They have square shoulders and no real waist definition. Their bust, waist, and hip measurements may even be nearly identical. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this body type, but those who want to increase their feminine appeal will find that some styles of jeans work better than others.

The idea is to add a more rounded shape to the hips. This can be accomplished by purchasing jeans that sit either low on the hips or high on the waist. Try looking for low-riding hipster jeans or vintage-styled, high-waisted jeans to achieve a perfectly feminine look. Avoid jeans that fall square on the hips, as this will only reduce the impact of any curves banana-shaped women do have.

What’s great about having a banana-shaped body is that most women with this body type have long, slim legs. That means the right jeans will look great on what will almost always be an athletic frame. Just try to avoid baggy jeans and boyfriend styles unless the goal is to look tomboyish. There’s nothing wrong with embracing that aesthetic, just know that these styles will reduce the appearance of any feminine curves to almost nothing.

The In-Betweens

Not sure which body type is the closest fit? There are plenty of women who fall somewhere in between two or more body types, and that’s also just fine. The easiest way to find jeans that will look fantastic is to focus on the lower half of the body as defined in the body types above, then buy several different styles. Trying different cuts and pairing them with favorite tops will give women with body shapes that fall between the cracks a feel for what works best for them.

The Bottom Line

The guidelines above aren’t hard-and-fast rules, and every woman’s style is a little different. It’s fine to deviate from the guidelines above, but those who want to embrace their feminine side should keep them in mind when they purchase new jeans so they’ll wind up with pants that accentuate all their bodies’ best features.

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