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5 Christmas Wrapping Paper Trends 2019

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Gift-giving is a tradition that has always been present during Christmas. Regardless if you belong to a small or large family, gift-giving during Christmas eve is a must. This is especially true if kids are living with you as gift-gifting is an event that they look forward to all year long. If you’re looking for ways to make your gifts stand out when placed under the tree, follow some of the best wrapping paper trends this year.

Gone are the days when wrappers are only used to cover gifts; today, wrappers can also represent your creativity and even give the recipient an idea of what they’re getting as their gift. To help you out, here are some wrapping paper trends to consider:


  1.     For Texture, Create A 3D Effect With Different Types Of Trinkets


Depending on your age and experience during the Christmas season, you might already be tired of seeing gifts swathed in wrappers that can be purchased from any store. You might even have memories on how two members of the family used the same or identical gift wrappers for Christmas. 


If you don’t want your gifts to look identical with others’, incorporate 3D as your next gift-wrapping idea. Here’s how you can do it:


  • Look for wrapping paper that has texture. You can start off by using tissue paper with colorful patterns, or brown craft paper.


  • After wrapping your gifts with any of these papers, look for trinkets that represent the recipient’s personality and incorporate them in your wrapper. You can think of these trinkets as charm bracelets.


  • If you’re giving a gift to a cyclist, look for a trinket that looks like a bicycle. Trinkets that have a key and house can be an excellent idea if you’re giving a gift to someone who just bought their own house.


  1.     For Diversity, Mix Flowers And Animal Prints


Using one type of wrapper is common. Whenever someone gives gifts, they will usually buy one type of gift wrapper and use it to wrap all of their gifts. Aside from being convenient, using one type of gift wrapper is also cheap. However, you can give a modern twist to this classic gift-wrapping style by combining different types of wrapping paper. A plain colored gift wrapper matched with floral or animal prints can surely create an impression. 


To help you effectively combine these wrappers together, consider the tips below:


  • This wrapping technique only works if you combine one solid-colored wrapper with a printed one. Using two different types of prints can make the wrapping look cluttered. 


  • When picking the wrappers, make sure that there’s a color dominant to both. If you’re planning to use a wrapper that has purple flowers, look for a plain-colored wrapper which has shades of purple. 


  • You can wrap the entire gift using the printed gift wrapper and use the plain-colored one as an accent, like a ribbon. 


  1.     For Design, Showcase Fashion And Couture


Gifts are usually wrapped in different types of paper. This is what everyone is accustomed to doing for the longest time. But this doesn’t mean that you should jump into the bandwagon. There are more unique ways to wrap your gifts, and one of these is by using a cloth as your wrapping paper.

Depending on the size or weight of the gift you’re going to give, you can wrap it with a printed cloth or reuse old sleeves as a wine container. Printed fabrics can also work well when used as a ribbon for solid-colored wrappers.

  1.     For Color, Choose Organic And Earth-Inspired Wrappers

The entire process of gift wrapping doesn’t have to be expensive. More often than not, you can look for materials at home and use them as your wrapper. If you want a budget-friendly yet unique wrapper, look for earth-colored papers such as brown paper or newsprints. These simple wrappers can go a long way, especially if you decorate it with personalized name tags, simple pom-poms, and colorful ribbons. 

  1.     For Convenience, Use Printable Papers

If you want to wrap your gifts in the most creative way but don’t have the time and interest to do any DIY projects, look for printable papers online. Several websites can provide this kind of paper—from marble designs, doodles, and even musical notes. If you’re planning to give a gift to a traveler, you can even print wrapping papers that resemble the world map. Because you’ll have unlimited options to choose from, picking and using wrapping paper that perfectly suits the personality of the recipient will become a piece of cake! 

Always Have Fun

There are a lot of wrapping paper trends today. While some of these trends are simple to copy, others can require more time and effort. Pick a trend that’s convenient and easy for you. Wrapping your gifts for the holidays should be a fun and enjoyable experience, not a stressful one.



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