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5 Essential Life Skills for Sober Living

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Sober living is something that many people seem to be able to handle with relative ease. For others, it’s more of a challenge. If an individual has ever battled substance addiction, getting to a point where they can live soberly again might be one of the hardest things they’ve ever done.

Substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles exists for those who need it, and you can find excellent clinics in other parts of the country as well. If you go through one of these programs and get clean, that’s a significant accomplishment. You’ll need some life skills if you want to stay sober, though, so let’s talk about some of the most important ones right now.

Know How to Deal with Stress

Many individuals start using alcohol or drugs because there’s too much stress in their lives, and they don’t know of any other healthy ways to cope with it. Even if they get clean, pressure will always be there, and it can wear down someone’s resolve if they’re not careful.

Having stress-coping techniques is vital for anyone who wants to continue living a sober lifestyle. That might involve meditating, doing yoga, going for calming walks in the woods, etc.

Spend Time with the Right People

You should also spend time with the right people if you want to stay sober. You might have some friends that you hung out with when you did drugs or consumed alcohol.

Perhaps you won’t be able to be around them anymore. You may not have the foundation for a relationship without adding your substance of choice to the equation.

Know How to Say No

Related to this is knowing how to say no to someone. A friend who’s still using drugs or alcohol might try to tempt you. They may suggest you have one drink because they want things to be like they were in the past.

You must have the resolve and inner strength to tell them no. If they don’t listen, you may need to cut them out of your life for self-preservation.

Know Your Triggers

You should know your triggers and how to avoid them if you want to continue living soberly. Your triggers might include certain people or situations. Staying away from them might need to happen if you’re going to stay sober and not slip back into harmful habits.

Know How to Ask for Help When You Need It

Knowing how to ask for assistance is another crucial component of staying sober. If you feel that you’re going to slip, you might need to reach out to a sponsor if you’re in an alcohol or drug treatment program. Speaking to someone who knows what you’re going through can help.

You might also speak to family members or friends. It’s not a weakness to admit to them that you’re in danger of relapsing. It’s a strength. Being able to admit when you’re tempted will also show them that you trust them enough to bring them into your inner circle.

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