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5 Girly (But Not Cliché) Décor Ideas for Your Bedroom

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If you’re the type of girl who loves decorating spaces, then without a doubt, your bedroom is one of your biggest projects. Your bedroom is your place of solitude and you want to give it an ambiance that complements your personality.

However, finding items that suit your taste isn’t always easy, especially when people think that they have you all figured out. Since you’re a girl, most people would imagine that your bedroom will consist of cute accessories, floral patterns, and walls colored in blinding shades of pink. Truth be told, their idea of a “girl’s room” is downright cliché.

But not today. It is time to break society’s conditioned thinking and take charge of your own bedroom décor. Take these 5 great design ideas, and decorate your bedroom with your own definition of “girly.”

  • Custom Lighting Makes the Bedroom Less Boring

Built-in lights and lamps are functional, but are very generic. This opens up the opportunity to hunt down or order custom-made lighting. Adding a couple of custom made lights will give your bedroom a unique and one-of-a-kind character. And if you really want to add that wow factor in your room, consider getting a custom made hand-blown glass chandelier. Hand-blown glass chandeliers are definitive pieces that exude sophistication and class. Even if hand-blown glass chandeliers are known to be expensive, the smaller ones should fit right in your budget.


    • DIY Items Add a Personal Touch

You’re an artsy and hands-on gal, so you must love doing things the DIY way. Do-it-yourself methods are inexpensive, fun, and provides your bedroom with the personal touches you need. True, there are DIY projects that require a skillful hand, but you can always start with something simple. Some easy undertakings like decorating your walls to look like a work of art or swapping out your vases with mason jars is good enough. Plus, you can also use this technique to spruce up your home décor.


    • Deviate from the Expected “Girly” Colors

Even if pink is the supposed color for boys, it’s been associated with girls for many years. Pink is a beautiful color, but it’s tiring to see it on every little girl’s bedroom wall.  Deviating from pink and any color close to it will do you some good. There are other stunning feminine shades such as purple, blue, and even green hues. Furthermore, if you can’t find the exact name of the color you want, don’t worry. The easiest way to find the name of the shade is by looking through the Pantone catalog.

    • Be Spontaneous with Decorative Objects

To get out of the “girly” bedroom cliché, you need to decorate your room with something unexpected. If you need an item that is surprising and eye-catching, a sculpture or figurine can fill up that void. The weirder the piece is, the better, and finding one that suits your niche is quite easy. Decorative objects come in various designs, from color-splashed animals to faux fruits and vegetables. And if you are looking for a piece that doesn’t exist, you can always have it made.


    • Harmonize Your Bedding’s Designs

Finding the perfect print for your bedding is a balancing act. You don’t want to be tacky by crowding your bed with patterns, nor don’t you want it to look plain. A simple trick to help you is to mix-and-match plains and prints. The opposing textiles won’t overwhelm your eyes, and give your bed a refreshing new look. You can also mix-and-match printed cloth to make your room more vibrant and fun.

These 5 design ideas will definitely bring your girly room out of the cliché. However, don’t limit yourself to these alone. Expand your decorative choices and explore other stores. Who knows? You’ll probably start a new bedroom trend with your designs.

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