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5 Minute Makeup For Busy Moms – Arizona Midday

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Breaking news! We are honored to have recently been invited on Arizona Midday to talk about how busy moms can make up their faces in five minutes or less. Watch out, Valley!

My good friend Stephanie from Conference Calls to Meatballs joined me as my mom model and we discussed all the ins and outs of getting ready while a toddler is attached to your calf:

Watch it anyway, but here are the high points:

  • Don’t overcommit. A complicated look, anything with contouring or a cut crease or even smoky eyes are out. It’s too much commitment without knowing you’ll have time to execute it right. Instead, focus on enhancing your natural beauty.
  • Creme + translucent > powder + matte. Translucent creme based products are more forgiving and easier around the edges if you miss a blend or if your kid interrupts you with a spaghetti emergency.
  • Shimmer can be tricky. Lots of the aforementioned creme products include shimmer. Every mom should have a great tinted moisturizer, but the ones with flecks of sparkle can settle into fine lines and make you look older.
  • Make it last. A fixative spray like Urban Decay All Nighter will get you through even the sweatiest, messiest mommy moments.

We are so fortunate to have appeared on this segment, and even did a followup one on taking your makeup look from day to night – check that out afterward!

What are your quick mommy makeup tips and tricks?

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