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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Home Repiping Specialist

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If you want to improve your home’s plumbing performance, re-piping might be the perfect solution.

A large number of options are available for piping your home, including copper piping, PVC and PEX Tubing. Choosing the right pipes for your property is an important task. You need to choose pipes which:

  • reduce energy usage, 
  • ensure consistent water pressure, and 
  • reduce problems of leaks, smelly water and noisy pipes 

But before choosing the right pipes, you need to choose the right repiping plumber as well. It’s important to call certified plumbing professionals for best service

We’ve mentioned 5 questions for you to ask before hiring a repiping specialist. 

  1. Are You Certified, Registered, Insured And Bonded?

This is the most important thing to ask before hiring anyone to work at your house. You gotta keep your house safe.

Certified professionals are ones who have met the minimum education, training and experience required for the job. They have also gone through background checks before completing the registration process. These professionals need to be bonded and insured to maintain and keep their license. 

If you want to make sure a complex job like re-piping is done right, you need to hire a licensed and professional plumber. You should not trust hear-say but follow up and check if the information is correct.

  1. Are You Experienced In Repiping A House? 

Every professional plumber can’t perform all specialized plumbing jobs. Some plumbers work primarily on homes and others work on commercial properties. There might be similarities, but each has its own needs.

The plumber you’re hiring should be reliable and experienced in a house repiping.

You should ask what types of houses they’ve worked on and if they’ve repiped houses like yours.

  1. What Kind Of Pipes And Fittings Will You Use?

A very important question to ask your contractor is the type of pipes and fittings they’re going to use. This will determine the longevity and durability of the pipes and also the cost. 

Copper pipes are costlier than any other option, like PVC or PEX. But they are also more reliable and durable.

If you choose copper, you have two choices of fittings. There are standard fittings that are soldered in by a plumber and pro-press fittings that are solder-free and are crimped in place. Pro-press fittings are five times costlier than standard fittings, so most people choose the standard ones. 

  1. What Is The Total Cost And Payment Date?

Every property is different and has different re-piping needs. It’s better to get an estimate of the total charges by asking the plumber to come and evaluate your house.

Based on the kind of pipes you choose and the area to repipe, the plumber can give you the total cost for the project. It’s also a good idea to ask different plumbing agencies to tour your house. You can then compare the costs and services provided to choose the best suitable option.

You should then clearly ask about payment methods and the exact dates of payment to avoid any hassles. You shouldn’t give a repiping specialist the full payment before the job’s done. However, they might ask for some advance to start the project.

  1. When Will The Project Finish?

The project can vary in length of time based on workers and the size of your house. A typical house repipe project usually takes 2-3 days to finish. 

But you should ask the specialist for the exact time to avoid staying in the construction zone. You should also make different stay arrangements for your family during that period.

We hope these questions help you in hiring the best repiping specialist for your house.

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