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5 Benefits an HOA Provides When You Have Children

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Homeowners’ associations, otherwise known as HOAs can be very beneficial when you have children. HOAs are often criticized by people who are not fond of having an organization dictating what they can or cannot do with their personal property, and are wary of living under set bylaws that are accompanied by fines for any violations. HOAs are not for everybody, but such organizations have many positives, especially when you have children. Here are 5 benefits an HOA provides when you have children.

  1. They Provide Services That The City Cannot Provide

HOA Property Management often pays for exclusive services that are more than what you would get from your city or county management. From the basic maintenance services to infrastructural projects, a well-managed HOA-management company such as City Property Management will provide a safe and beautiful living environment for your children. Community members usually pay a monthly HOA fee, and these funds are used to maintain the community.

  1. HOAs Provide Recreational Amenities

Do you and your kids love to spend time outside having fun? If so, the swimming pools, parks, tennis courts and greenways that many Homeowners’ Associations build and maintain will be very appealing for you. People residing in HOA communities normally have better access to such shared recreational amenities. Moreover, in a properly run HOA community, shared amenities are always maintained and insured against losses, therefore you will always have access to functional facilities.

  1. A HOA Provides Home Maintenance Services

While many HOAs have rules about how every home in the community should look on the outside, they also provide residents with maintenance services so that they can always ensure that their homes stay on par. Your home’s outward appearance will be managed by professionals as long as you pay the necessary HOA monthly fees, and your children will be able to play outside in a safe and clean environment.

  1. A Stronger Sense of Community

In a Homeowners’ Association community, all the members share ownership of the shared areas and amenities and every member does their part to maintain the public spaces. As a result, this provides the people living in the community a stronger sense of community, which is important for children. Some HOA neighborhoods even host events within the community spaces, and this is a great way to socialize with others.

  1. A HOA can Provide a Greater Sense of Security

When you have children, you always want to ensure that they are secure at all times. Many Homeowners’ Association developments are set in gated communities, which limit access to the members of the community and invitees. There are some HOAs out there that are also equipped with private security forces. In such developments you can be rest assured that you and your family members will feel safer than in a non-HOA neighborhood.


The number of HOAs in the US has increased tremendously since 1970. These communities are very popular in fast-developing regions like in the South and West. The increase is because HOAs work. According to findings by the Foundation for Community Association Research, 92 percent of residents living in an HOA neighborhood rate their experience as positive (70 percent) or neutral (22 percent). From those figures it is clear to see that living in an HOA can be very beneficial when you have children.

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