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5 Things You May Not Know About Bras

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Bras are a fashion staple for many women. However, most don’t give them the attention they deserve. Before you shop for another bra, consider these five facts that can help you find a new favorite. 

1. Sister Size Bras Can Help You Get The Perfect Fit

Every bra is unique, just like the breasts they support. Sometimes, the best way to find a perfect fit is to explore bras within the same size family. A sister-size bra is one that is one size up or down on the band or cup chart. For example, if you normally wear a size 34B, your sister size might be a 36A or 32C. Knowing these numbers allows you to achieve a more customized fit. 

2. Bra Size Fluctuates Throughout Your Life

Many women get hung up on a number when it comes to breast and bra size. However, most women will have at least six different “correct” bra sizes once they reach adulthood. Changes in weight, hormones, and tissue density all cause fluctuations in breast size. 

Breasts are beautiful and functional no matter what size or shape they are right now, so put your size fears away and find your true fit. The simplest way to do this is with a fitting at a lingerie store. However, you can also enlist a friend and take some measurements at home. 

3. Minimizer Bras Help Reduce Breast Size Appearance

Large breasts come with their own issues and concerns. One of those is that they can affect how clothes fit and look. Luckily, minimizing bras can help reduce breast size appearance so you can successfully wear your favorite designs. 

Minimizing bras work by compressing breast tissue so that it has less forward projection. Think of it as flattening the tissue while offering additional support. The right one can make your breasts appear a full cup size smaller. As with any bra, finding the correct size and fit is critical to success with a minimizer bra.  

4. Support Lies in the Band (Not the Straps)

The weight of your breasts falls onto your bra’s band, not the straps. This is great news for everyone who loves to wear strapless bras. It is also why wearing the right size is so critical to ensuring proper support. 

Another cool fact you may not know about your bra band is that the three hooks have a purpose. Once fitted for the correct band size, you should wear your bra on the outermost hook. Then, as the elastic stretches with normal wear, you can move the fasteners in to accommodate the extra length. 

5. Bras Don’t Last Forever

There’s a good chance your favorite pair of jeans will outlast your favorite bra. Even the best minimizer bras don’t last that long. Most bras last about a year when worn in a rotation and washed gently at least once a week.

Whether you keep yours hidden or let it peek through as part of a fashion statement, you want a bra that feels great and offers appropriate support. Knowing how bras work and the best ways to care for them can help you find that perfect fit. 

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