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5 Top Reasons Why Men Should Use Hairspray

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Thanks to the glam metal era, hairsprays have made their resurgence in men’s fashion today. Looking back to the 1980s music scene where men looked androgynous with gothic makeup and shrubbery hair, you somehow get the connotation that hairsprays are either for women, gays or a hardcore metal rock star who thinks whatever he’s clad in will make it to fashion magazines, regardless of generation.

I hate to break it to you but REAL MEN do use hairsprays and there are countless benefits why.

What’s in a hairspray?

They are made of styling polymers that are solubilized in any form of liquid. For the most part, alcohol is used as it dries very quickly. A propellant then mixes the alcohol and polymer solution once you press the aerosol spray button.

Alcohol and Alcohol-Free Hairspray: Which is better?

Hairsprays have also gotten a bad rap from health and environmental activists because of the detrimental alcohol component.

Instead of alcohol, water is used in some anhydrous (no water) hairsprays to mix with polymers. However, this type of hairspray usually doesn’t dry quickly and almost always feels like you’ve just gotten out of the shower. On the other hand, alcohol-laden hairsprays dry very quickly which means, the alcohol solution only stays in your hair for a few seconds or minutes. So to cut the short story shorter, the damage from alcohol hairspray isn’t really colossal like how others have despairingly castigated.

Why Should Men Use Hairspray?

  1. Great for Thin Hair

Pomades are so thick that they weigh down your hair and truth be told; they feel very heavy. And this is not good for thin-haired guys. Hairspray doesn’t feel cumbersome at all and it doesn’t separate your thin hair so apparently that the styling will somehow come out very unnatural.

  1. For Volume

Some men are unlucky to acquire fine or thin hair from genetics. If you are fond of a bald hairstyle until your hair turns grey (pun intended), then I guess hairsprays will be the least of your concerns. But if you want to make your hair seem thick and stylish, a light hairspray gives your hair a tasteful and trendy volume and boost.

  1.  Manage Thick Hair

It’s a rule of thumb to never use extremely heavy hair products to style your overly thick hair as they create a sticky, greasy, and clumpy finish. So if you have thick hair, try choosing a hairspray with great hold and less volumizing effect. Hairsprays vary in components. So it’s best to check the recommended types of hairsprays for men to get your desired hairstyle. This also goes for all men with stubborn, unruly hair that seems like it has a life of its own. You can use hairspray to manage out-of-place hair without achieving a rigid unnatural look.

  1.  Tame Curly Hair

We all know how it can be so bothersome styling thick, curly hair. If your hair has a flawless and natural bounce to it, maybe getting high hold and alcohol-free hairspray is for you since it makes your hair feel damp.

  1.  Acts as a Fixer

Hairsprays can also be used to hold the entire style in place after it has been applied with other styling products. It simply acts as a finisher just like a setting spray or powder after a woman’s makeup routine to ensure the makeup stays in place all throughout the day. The same goes for your à la mode hair.

Always make sure that you keep the spray can at least 12 inches from your hair. This also keeps the chemicals away from your sense organs. So if you’re someone who’s extremely meticulous to keeping a tidy hair daily, a quick and safe hairspray use won’t hurt. Plus, you’ll be leaving that house looking all voguish, dapper, and 100 times more confident than ever.


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