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5 Tricks to Make Your Swimwear Last Longer

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Australia is known for its famous beaches like Bondi Beach, Surfer’s Paradise, Mandalay Beach, and more. The Land Down Under, which is the only country that is also a continent, is also famous for The Great Barrier Reef. Because of its unique landscape, flora, and fauna, tourists love to flock into Oz. From koalas, emus, wallabies, platypuses, and kangaroos, there is so much stuff to see and activities to do.

A swimsuit is one thing that you must pack for your vacation in Australia. Whether you use this once on your holiday or daily, your swimwear in Australia will take a beating from all the elements it is exposed to. There’s sand, UV rays, pool chemicals, and even your sunscreen. Bathing suits can be quite expensive, so you must learn how to take care of your investment to look great all season. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out:

Conduct a Quick Rinse 

It is vital to do a quick rinse after every use. Most suits contain lycra or spandex, which can break down or stretch when reacting with chemicals. The fibres of your suit will react to your own sweat and body oils, chlorine, and saltwater. Chlorine is notorious for harming the fibres, making them less elastic. On top of that, this chemical will turn your fabric yellowish. You can prevent this deterioration with a quick rinse using tap water. 

Opt to Hand Wash

Though your swimsuits may come with several cleaning instructions (some can be machine washed), it is best to go with handwashing. These itty-bitty pieces are so tiny that washing them by hand will not be a big chore. Throwing your swimwear in the washing machine will agitate those delicate parts. Remember, you’ve got cups, padding, and delicate ties. Machine movement can bunch, stretch, and deform the suit. This scenario is a disaster because it will become ill-fitting. The last thing you need is to flash the crowd with your privates because your swimsuit is now too loose.

Rotate Those Swimsuits

It is vital to have several kinds of swimwear in Australia. Aside from giving you a choice to help you mix and match depending on your mood, owning several types of swimwear means you can rotate that stuff inside your closet. If you keep on wearing the same thing over and over, it will lose its shape a lot faster. Rotation gives you ample time to wash and dry it. Having choices gives your swimwear that much-needed break so the fibres won’t break down. 

Be Mindful of the Detergent

You don’t need anything harsh for your swimsuit. This is a delicate fabric that touches your most precious body parts. A mild soap is best because it will not leave soapy sediments that can cause nasty skin irritation. Moreover, a harsh cleaner will just break down the fibres of your suit. For best results, look for a detergent that’s really meant for “delicates.” Don’t forget to rinse with cool water. 

Resist the Urge to Wring

Finally, there is no need to squeeze it excessively because you may deform the padding. Too much wringing to get every drop of water out will damage the suit fibres. Please resist the urge to hang because it can also stretch the suit and cause it to lose shape. It is best to roll it in a towel and dab gently. Avoid drying in the sun to prevent discolouration, and never throw it in the dryer as it can affect all the spandex and lycra. It is best to lay your swimwear flat on a towel and wait for it to dry thoroughly before putting it in your wardrobe.

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