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7 Inspiring Blazers to Try Out This Year

katie holmes in a blazer

The blazer is a jacket that has grown in many styles and is now worn on many occasions. The fashionistas, fashion bloggers have made blazer outfits trend more by wearing them and showing their pro styling tips to fashion lovers. The blazer is a perfect jacket that helps pull a look together and you can blend it with literally anything. Therefore, get out of your blazer comfort zone and start blending it with other garbs outside the office. Blend in with the blazer trend and avoid missing out on looking sporty and chic at the same time. Here are some inspiring blazer outfits to try this year to get a new look.

  • The tweed blazer 

The tweed blazer is one of the many that you must add to your blazer collection. This blazer is a versatile piece that you can wear to work, casual days and also for evenings. It is perfect to wear during your half days at work and also on Fridays. Style it with slim jeans, a white top and a pair of heels that you can switch with flats after work if necessary. On casual days, dress it in rugged jeans with a sweater and step out looking all pretty as you run errands or shop with friends. As you wear it for night outs you can pair it with a beautiful mini dress with quilted purse and ankle boots or with something like raw crystal collection by moon magic for that extra elegance. Purchase this tweed jacket and you will love how it looks just right for various events.

  • The floral blazer outfit 


                          floral blazer outfit with a white romper beach

Do you want a look to wear to a date or meeting the parents? Ensure that a floral blazer is a part of your outfit. Choose a fitting floral blazer to pair with a maxi dress that is a perfect alternative to the usual jean pairing. On the other hand, wear this blazer with a summer soft blouse and denim for it adds structure to the ensemble. Make a style statement with this floral blazer as you layer it on your beautiful top or dress. Pair it with a skirt as well and visit an art gallery or for a picnic and enjoy how fun and stylish the look is.

  • The black blazer 

This is not only a classic blazer but an essential one to have in your wardrobe. Through online fashion shopping, you can get several that are of unique designs, cuts, and styles. It is a girl’s best friend especially when you get one that fits your proportions excellently. It is a fabulous pairing with all other separates in your wardrobe from jeans, pants, and trousers. To the beautiful skirts and dresses whether you are matching for a formal or informal look. One good look, layering it over a cream bow blouse with slim black trousers and add a colored heel for a pop of color.


  • The white blazer 


When you choose a white blazer it is normally best to dress up a look that is dull or needs a boost to look outstanding. For instance, you can pair jean shorts with this blazer to avoid looking sloppy for it gives it an edgy and fashionable look. Another great way to style a white blazer is with a jumpsuit. This one-piece garment can seem dull and boring when worn with no blazer especially for an evening out. Therefore, the fashion template to pull it off is adding this blazer and dress it up with other minimal accessories. Consider having one if you miss it in your collection for it adds the fun to dull looks.

  • The leopard print blazer 


Do you want a different blazer other than the black one to pair your monotone looks? The leopard blazer is your new favorite blazer. Not many women have this beautiful piece in their collection for fear of not knowing where and how to wear it. Yet, this trend blazer due to its leopard prints is a versatile piece to have in your blazer collection. Layer it over your monotone ensembles like all black work attires, all whites for an evening party among others. Alternatively, it still fits perfectly while layering over jeans and cardigan for a date night look.


  • The yellow velvet blazer 

yellow blazer coat with dress blonde

Get the sunny side up by not only trying out a yellow blazer but a yellow velvet blazer. This blazer is perfect for weekends during the colder months. Try it over a stripe turtle neck top with casually slim jeans. It is perfect for the fashion girl for casual dates during the weekend that looks warm and cozy. Also, it is an ideal look for adorning to parties during the holiday. However, it is can also be worn to style an office look to add a pop of color during the cold days in the office. Wear it over a shirt with a pleated skirt and pair with ankle boots for that super stylish look.

  • Pink tie-belt blazer 

A tie belt blazer is loved by most women especially since it hides their love handles. Hence for a super chic look choose a pink one and flaunt how it cinches you at the waist giving you a lovely shape. Since it is a self-belting blazer pair with dark skinny jeans for that flattering daytime wear. Also, pink is best to add that romantic style to your ensemble and it suits all skin tones. Dark separates are preferred with a pink blazer to balance out the look.

In summary, the above blazers are worth every purchase for how versatile each are. However, there are others that you can try that are still popular and inspiring like the navy and check blazer that you can wear to the office or for a street style look. Add these blazers to your wardrobe for you can layer them over practically every separate. They are ideal to pull together your look and they raise your fashion quotient a notch higher.

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