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7 Ways to Change How Your Face Looks Without Getting a Haircut

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There comes a time every few months or so when we look in the mirror and yearn for a change. While most of us are happy to turn to a haircut for a quick and effective refresh, sometimes cutting our cherished locks just isn’t an option.

The good news is, you can change the way your face looks without losing precious inches off your hair. Here are seven surprising ways to switch up your style and give your face a youthful update.

1. Change up your eyebrows

Eyebrows have a significant impact on the way your face looks and changing the shape or color of your eyebrows can be transformative. Before you take to the tweezers, consider visiting a reputable beauty technician. They can help you decide on the most flattering shape and shade for your face shape, skin tone, and hair color.

2. Evaluate your skincare routine

If your skincare routine is something you typically neglect, it’s time to invest in a nourishing, youth-protecting ritual. Pay a visit to your local beauty store – their staff should be able to recommend products suitable for your skin type, age, and budget. Remember, if you make time to clean and hydrate your skin, it will repay you in dividends!

3. Try a new hair color

Maybe you’re trying to grow your hair long, so a haircut is out of the question. But, what about hair color? Trying a new hair color can completely change the way you view yourself and how you look. Incredibly, a fresh color can be a catalyst for change – you might find yourself reaching for different styles of clothing and changing your everyday makeup routine.

4. Experiment with your hair parting

If you want to change the way your face looks, experiment with your hair parting. It may sound simple but altering the way your hair falls can give the illusion of a whole new style. Side parts can be extremely flattering on rounder face shapes, as the asymmetry adds length and detracts from fullness. Middle parts are perfect for longer, oval face shapes. These are just guidelines – play around and find a hair parting that suits you.

5. Keep up with the latest hairstyle trends

Are you in the habit of styling your hair the same way every single day? It’s worth doing a little research into the latest hair trends and giving them a go yourself. Braids have been big this year, and now we are seeing an influx of 90s-style barrettes, butterfly clips, and other hair accessories. Other nostalgic styles – such as crimping – are also making a comeback.

6. Get a new piercing

Layered jewelry is all the rage, and getting a new piercing is a fantastic way to update your look. If you already have your ears pierced, consider a second lobe piercing or even a cartilage piercing. Add dainty, feminine jewelry for a modern, edgy finish – if you’re looking for great pieces you can find more here

7. Switch up your makeup

Instagram’s makeup gurus are living proof that contouring can make you look like a whole different person, but there’s no need to go all-in to reinvent your look. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • If you usually wear a full face of foundation, experiment with just applying concealer in the areas you need it. Bare skin offers an all-natural glow that foundation cannot replicate.
  • If you stick to neutrals, have a bit of fun with color. Choose just one area of your face to inject a bright hue, such as your lips or your eyes.
  • Ditch the eyeliner and keep your lower lash line bare. This trick will open up your eyes and give your entire face a fresh finish.

With these tips, you can transform your look dramatically without a new ‘do’. Try a few of them this month and see the difference they make! Or, take your style to a whole new level by enrolling in a top-quality hair or beauty course.

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