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8 Surprising Benefits of French Press Coffee

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Coffee is love! Isn’t it? For most of us, it is the best beverage in the world with the best wake-up call. To wake up to a freshly brewed coffee whose aroma fills up the entire room is scintillating. That is why brewing a cup of joe at home is a satisfying process. Not only can you drink as much coffee as you want without paying extra, but you also get to enjoy the entire process. 

Every coffee lover uses a different brewing process. Some use an espresso machine. Others use a single-serve machine to brew coffee using Nespresso pods. Other popular ways are Aeropress or pour-over coffee. Some of these are traditional methods, while others, like using pods are new for most people. 

There is one more brewing method-French Press which tons of people love. A french press is a small compact machine. It uses the coarse coffee ground to make an impeccable cup. 

There are many benefits of using the French Press for brewing coffee. It extracts caffeine and the essential nutrients better as grounds are in direct contact with water. It provides better benefits, which we will be discussing below.

  1. It sustains coffee oil

French press coffee is not only fresh but healthy. The water contacts the ground directly without the use of any paper filter. When there is direct contact between the coffee grounds and water, the extraction of natural oil becomes easier. This natural oil is healthy and provides tons of benefits to coffee drinkers.

  1. Coffee helps protect multiple organs

We all know that coffee can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer due to being rich in methylpyridinium, French Press can extract this better due to no contact with filters. It makes your coffee richer and more effective in reducing the risk of few cancers like esophageal or oral cancer.

  1. The quantity of coffee is satisfying

 French Press comes in multiple sizes. There is one family size that can help you brew coffee for the entire family. Also, the compact size French Press maker is an excellent choice for people who travel. They can take it with them on hikes or travels and enjoy a home-brewed coffee anywhere. Even the small-sized French Press can brew a good amount of coffee. 

  1. French-Press coffee improves recall time

French Press extracts all nutrients well, which ensures better improvement of short recall time. It alters you better as the coffee has all the goodness it can provide. Regular consumption of this, in the limit, can help you decrease your chances of dementia.

  1. Quality coffee with fewer beans

The beauty of using a French Press is that it uses less coffee to brew a great cup of coffee. You do not have to use a massive quantity of coffee to extract the flavor. Also, the flavor is raw, earthy, and delicious.

The tip here is to use the best organic coffee beans and grind them at home for a fresher taste.

  1. Thicker texture of the coffee

When you use French Press to brew coffee, the texture is thick and deep. The rich dark flavor of the coffee is the best, and you get this type of flavor only from French Press coffee. The no-use filter thing is kind of what makes it better. The coffee doesn’t taste watery, which is what we all coffee lovers need. Even coffee pods do not use a filter, so that is another brewing method that gives you raw & delicious flavor of the coffee.

  1. Better control over the temperature of water

The water that you use in French Press is boiled in a separate bowl or kettle. That gives you control over the temperature of the water, and you can decide how hot or warm you want the water. The coffee tastes better for you when the water is perfect for you.

  1. Saves space

A French Press is a compact machine, even the big one. Thus, you can fit it anywhere unline an espresso machine which is massive.

If you thought that French Press is just a fancy brewing method, here you go. There are multiple benefits of using this to make your favorite cup of joe. Also, some are so compact that you can carry them to hikes too!

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