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A Beginner’s Guide to Tape-in Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

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Hair extensions offer a quick solution for adding length and volume to your hair, allowing you to wear many different hairstyles. Before you purchase a set, however, it’s important to understand that different types of extensions are made for different hair types, and not all of them are created equal. As such, you must know your hair type and do your research before investing in these beauty enhancements.

Many women have thin, fragile hair. Understandably, the fear of hair fall and breakage keeps many people from trying extensions. But do you know that even if you have thin hair, a set of hair extensions can be a quick way to achieve thick, long, and voluminous hair? With some considerations in mind, women with delicate hair can transform their looks with the right type of extensions. 

Tape-in extensions, in particular, are a great choice if you have thin hair. Read on to explore everything you need to know about tape extensions for thin and delicate hair. 

Tape-in Human Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Tape-in extensions are exactly as they sound: pre-taped wefts that are applied by creating a sandwich of your natural hair between the adhesive. The main reason why these extensions are recommended for thin hair is that they don’t exert pressure on the hair, and the base sticks evenly against your head, making it hard to tell if you’re wearing extensions. 

A little care during application and removal and these semi-temporary extensions are sure to enhance your look without causing damage to your natural hair follicles. While you can apply them at home, it’s a good idea to go to a stylist if your hair is thin and fragile, or if you have no prior experience with installing tape-in extensions. Generally, tape-in wefts last up to six weeks once applied. You can then remove and retape them back in as desired. 

Lightweight and Comfortable

Most tape-in human hair extensions come in a pack of 20 wefts, each weighing 50 – 70 grams, depending on the length, thickness, and volume. Women with thin hair generally require about three or four packs of these extensions to get the desired scalp coverage. You’re free to use as many of these extensions as you see fit, because the extra volume will make the blending seamless, and your hair will look natural. Just be sure not to apply more than your hair can handle, since excess weight could damage your hair. 

Applying Tape-In Extensions to Thin Hair

Tape-ins are easy to install, depending on how many wefts you want to put in. You can have these extensions applied within 20 to 30 minutes. However, it’s critical to choose quality tape-in Remy human hair extension with reliable, medical-grade glue on the tapes so that there is zero risk of the wefts suddenly sliding off after application. 

The best tape-in hair extensions by ZALA will do no damage to your thin hair if applied properly. We recommend you to go to a salon to have them professionally installed. These lightweight extensions are perfect for women with thin and fine hair and those in the recovery phase after acute breakage from processing. And when it comes to everyday use, you can rest assured that the soft wefts will cause little to no wear and tear on your natural hair.

Watch – How to Apply Tape-in Extensions Tutorial


Since tape-in wefts are easier to install and style, the long-term cost of wearing them is lower than other types of extensions. The price of these extensions is also relatively lower, depending on the brand and quality. You should generally expect to invest about $200 to $600 in tape-in real human hair extensions. And with proper care, they can last for many months even after multiple reuses, further saving you money. 

Natural Looking

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Remy human hair tape-in extensions blend with your hair for a smooth finish, making your hair look entirely natural. The tapes are tiny and transparent, so much so that nobody can notice them. On top of that, the wefts lie flat against your head, with the base being very thin to create a cohesive, flawless appearance.

Thickness and Volume

Tape-in extensions will add thickness and volume to your thin hair. That means you’ll be more confident wearing the wefts on any occasion, so you can easily work your hair into your desired styles. The extra volume and length will also enhance your facial features and overall appearance. Simply keep your extensions at an appropriate length and volume — avoid very long and voluminous sets, as the extra weight could cause friction against your hair and scalp.

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