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Affordable Interior design: It is not a myth!

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There is something special about homes that employ Innovative methods to create warm, inviting interiors. Some abodes use age-old traditional designs to conceptualize contemporary interiors. Others focus on letting the natural light in, to create bright interiors. One may argue that it’s a highly expensive affair to design homes with drop-dead, gorgeous interiors. However, it’s a myth that great interiors cannot be created using limited budgets. 

Are you one of those worried about the interior design cost in India? This write-up will throw light on the affordable Interior design tips, and therefore, bust the above myth. 

You may require more than money to create visually appealing spaces; you must get the element of design — shape, colour, texture & pattern, and light — right. These elements are discussed in-depth in the article below. 

Choose a colour palette and style:

This is a very important step while selecting the interior design services you want for your home. First, start collecting photographs of all your favourite styles. Then, shortlist those styles that are affordable and practically executable. Once the style is in place, start exploring the colour palette. List down colours you’d not get bored of. Now, with the style and colour palette in mind, start looking for accessories and installations that aren’t the same, but only look similar. This ensures that you give your interiors a stylish makeover, but without burning a hole in your pocket.

During this process, remember to pick the style and colour palette that feels uniform throughout the entire home. This gives the impression to your guests that a lot of thought has gone into the interior design of your home.

Get rid of the clutter:

Decluttering is one of the best ways to gain back that lost space due to excessive use of furniture, artworks, vases, cushions, and so on. Just like the human mind, a space feels great when there is no excessive clutter. Get rid of all those things that have been doing nothing except catching dust. Start with one shelf, one room at a time, to make it feel less daunting. Once this process is complete, all the rooms will look minimal and beautiful. 

Choose the right paint:

This is indeed the most difficult step in this transformation process — choosing the right paint. This is because the colour palette of the decor is already set. 

You can either go bold or understated, based on your taste, to make your interiors look elegant and classy. Also, throw in a little bit of black — doors, accessories, and so on — in between to make your rooms look luxurious without shelling out too much money. 

Embellish your interiors with creativity:

There are many inexpensive, yet effective, ways to upscale your interiors. 

The first method is to go on a shopping spree at flea markets and so on, which offers you a chance to pick interesting accessories at dirt-cheap prices. 

The second method is to repurpose old items you longer use as something else. For instance, an old tennis bat can be reused in several creative ways such as a mirror, serving tray, key hanger, and so on. 

The third method is to repaint all those items you hate in a completely different colour. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly they transform your spaces in a quirky manner. 

Try a blend of patterns and textures:

Believe it or not, textures and patterns create an illusion to the human eye, thereby making a room impressive and alive.

Soft textures and muted patterns provide a sense of cosiness, while bold patterns and shiny textures lend a more refreshing feel.

A room full of sameness is boring. Therefore, to create magic, use elements of diverse qualities. For instance, you can place stylish new lamps on your grandfather’s old sideboard. Or, get the old man’s armchair to sit along with your contemporary sofas — and add magic to your rooms. 

Light up your interiors:

Lightning when done right can change the mood and perceived size of your rooms. The placement of light must be in conjunction with the colour, furniture, and room size. The affordability part of lighting depends on how you use the natural light to your advantage. This never-ending source of light brings cheerfulness into the homes. 

Hire a professional:

There are master craftsmen out there, who provide interior design services and transform your space — of any shape and size — into something you’d long to come back after a tiring day at work.

You can browse for online interior design services in India and get loads of service providers to choose from, based on their expertise, experience, and budgets. 

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