AG Hair Cosmetics’ Gorgeous Uptown Girls

Check out these gorgeous looks from AG Hair Cosmetics’ Architecture Uptown collection! Below are the descriptions of each style from the top left:


  • Tower has long, feminine layers that can be worn straight for an afternoon at the gallery or set in curls for a night on the town.
  • Posh is a sophisticated updo that combines smoothness and texture, and can be adapted to suit any social event.
  • Diva is an updo for short to mid-length hair with elegant, curvilinear styling that would fair well for any gala.
  • Baroque is a detailed updo that incorporates an intricate brocade of braids along the hair line and a mass of curls up top.
  • The mid-length Arc is a versatile shape that can be worn full with curls or smooth and straight, perfect for ladies who lunch.

I love these romantic, modern looks! Diva is my favorite – what about you guys?

Hair: Jami Symons, Jo-Anne Dicken and Jaclyn Emmett
Photography: Waldy Martens
Makeup: Yasaman Morshedian

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