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Alcohol Abuse and Loneliness is a Cycle: Here’s How to Break It

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People drink alcohol for many reasons. Some drink it at parties or only on special occasions. Some drink it to try and forget about physical or mental pain they’re experiencing. Others drink because they are lonely.

Alcohol rehab is available for anyone who feels that they are drinking too much. Those who drink for loneliness, though, might have a particularly difficult time getting away from this habit. In this article, we’ll take some time to talk about how the cycle of drinking alcohol for feelings of loneliness begins and how you can break it if this is an ongoing issue for you.

How Does This Cycle Begin?

Often, someone who does not have any friends or has very few friends tries alcohol for the first time. They find that if they drink excessively, feelings of isolation are not so bad. They begin to drink habitually.

If they have feelings of loneliness frequently, alcohol use becomes a part of their daily routine. They might start drinking as soon as they finish school or work. This will likely continue until they find a way to reach out to other people successfully.

What Are Some Actions You Can Take to Break It?

Humans are naturally meant to be sociable creatures. There are a few people out there who truly don’t like being in the company of anyone else, but they are rare. It’s far more common for someone who doesn’t have friends to become unhappy or depressed.

Reaching out to the human race if you’ve started drinking to cover your feelings of loneliness is possible in many different ways. The first thing you might try is getting on dating apps. You can also use social media to look for friends if you’d prefer friendship over a romantic relationship.

You might use sites like Meta or Reddit and arrange a meetup with like-minded people near you. You can create posts inviting people to get together to do things like bowling, mini golf, or anything else that appeals to you.

If you want, you might join a sports league. You can volunteer as well. Volunteer work puts you in the company of others, and you’re also helping your community and those who need it.

What is the Path Forward for Those Who Drink for Loneliness?

Many times, these actions are enough to open up a new circle of friends for you. If you’re outgoing and personable when you meet people, they should like you. It’s natural that you’ll start spending more time together, and you won’t feel so alone.

This does not necessarily mean that you will stop drinking, though. Even if you’ve taken steps to include more people in your life, you may have reached the point of physical or psychological addiction to alcohol.

If so, then seeking treatment may be necessary. Often, the combination of meeting new people and getting alcohol counseling is what it takes to break the cycle. Getting away from alcohol abuse is possible if you’re determined and tenacious, though.

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