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Why Alpaca Hair Will Be Your Fall/Winter 2015 Bestie.

This post compensated by #SOLALPACA for my participation in the #FeelWarmer #ad campaign as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network


Are you down with alpaca yet? Besides being incredibly pun-ready, this Andean animal is a cold-weather fashion designer’s best friend. If you don’t own an alpaca piece yet, here are a few insider reasons why you should be adding one on your holiday wish list:

  • Alpaca fiber has unique thermal properties that permit air circulation on warm days and retains heat in cold conditions. Can you think of anything more perfect for autumn’s sometimes-unpredictable layering weather?
  • OMG SOFT. For real, you guys.
  • Alpacas have 32 natural shades of hair – that’s more flavors than Baskin-Robbins! Think of the design possibilities.

Don’t believe me? Check out my uber-beautiful scarf – it’s called Brick By Brick, but it’s far from brick-by-boring-brick!

Alpaca Scarf Fashion Sol Alpaca Brick by Brick

Isn’t my alpaca scarf fabulous? It’s from Sol Alpaca in Peru. Peru is a country with a very ancient textile tradition, in case you didn’t know, and SOL ALPACA is its principal heir.

Sol Alpaca is opening their online store and finally giving the rest of the world access to its products made with the best fiber and all the enthusiasm that only experts in warmth can provide. Now, we can all make these days feel warmer with SOL ALPACA!

SOL ALPACA keeps Peru’s rich textile tradition alive and enables us to receive at home all the warmth the Andean people have to give; people who love what they do and live with a special passion in harmony with nature. This is why they work only with the finest fibers of the Andes: alpaca and vicuña. They exploit the complete range of 32 natural shades (the world’s largest) to create designs that achieve a perfect balance between the exceptional inherited abilities of the Andean people and modern-day trends.

Visit SOL ALPACA in this new online store with its sophisticated garments and accessories. Let SOL ALPACA keep you warm and enter below for a 30% off coupon to use on their online store!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’d rather go ahead and shop,  StoreLaunch2015 is a promo code valid only until December 31st that gives you a 10% discount in their store with the first online purchase, if you are a subscriber of their newsletter.

2 thoughts on “Why Alpaca Hair Will Be Your Fall/Winter 2015 Bestie.

  1. These seem gorgeous and very high quality. They may very well be the new “cashmere”. However I am not sure about entering the giveaway because I don’t want to feel obligated to use the coupon or feel bad if I do not use it. Its a big commitment to make to purchase something I don’t know much about. If I am the winner can I post the coupon, or share it, or give it to someone I know if I decide not to use it?

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