Amazon FBA Wholesale Product Niche Ideas for Passive Income

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is a great help for small business owners. The platform makes it easier for them to sell their products. Amazon will take care of packing and shipping the orders of the customers. If you want a passive income, you may want to take on e-commerce with FBA. 

What is a Niche Product?

Niche products are targeted at a specific market instead of a whole industry. Usually, they are priced higher than generic products. This allows you as a businessman to gain more profits even if you only market to a small section. To make your product selling even more successful, do your research. Read through blogs like SEO to come up with strategies to give your products better chances at getting sold.

So, what niche products can you sell in FBA to earn passive income? Here are a few ideas.

Specialty Food

In the food industry, there are so many ways you can come up with products to sell. The good news is food is a commodity and very versatile. There are many different ways you can turn it into a niche product. Here are some examples:

    Package them in mason jars, special boxes, etc.
    Create your own recipes.
    Customize according to color, food group, full meal, shape, etc.
    Include little trinkets in your food product.

Aside from that, you can also sell food products that are high quality, vegan, or anything that makes them unique and different.

Organic Beauty and Makeup Products

Products that are not harmful to the environment are becoming increasingly popular. The reasons a lot of people are turning to organic beauty and makeup products are because they are:

    Good for the environment
    Good for people with sensitive skin

You’ve probably seen those numerous make-up tutorials online, right? 😉 The makeup industry is growing. People will continue to use makeup and other beauty products whether for work, for special occasions, or just to express their creative sides.

Handmade Jewelry

Anything handmade is special. If you love making your own jewelry, you can sell it to profit from doing something you love. In this age, having a handmade jewelry business is a great idea because of the following:

  • People are becoming very fashionable, and with social media like Instagram and Facebook, people love posting their OOTDs. Along with clothes, accessories and handmade jewelry are in great demand.
  • The number of fashion bloggers is increasing. They love mixing up their styles and trying on different things. They even review products they encounter. Who knows? They may chance upon (or you may simply send them) your handmade jewelry and incorporate it into their style. If you gain their approval, their followers may also like your product and could be your potential customers.
  • Another selling point of handmade jewelry is their uniqueness. You design them according to your creativity. It makes it personalized. You can price it higher especially for the time, effort, and passion you put into making those.

Craft-Making Kits

People love having hobbies. A market you can sell to is people who like DIY. Craftsmen are so willing to buy new materials for their projects. Doing things by hand gives them some kind of satisfaction of being able to make something on their own. Some kits you can try selling are:

    DIY soap kits
    Paper quilling kits
    Scrapbooking materials
    Build-your-own toy kits
    Jewelry-making kits

Pet Clothes

Animal lovers will do anything for their furry babies. The amount of love one can give their pet is unbelievable. More and more people are even choosing to have pets instead of kids. Pet parents are known to shower their pets with everything they need and more, including clothing.

Pet clothes are profitable year-round. It’s not just during Halloween or Christmas that people like dressing up their pets. Any day of the year they might get enamored by their animal companions and decide to make them even more adorable by buying cute pet clothes.

Party Supplies

Everyone loves a good party. Parents especially love throwing birthday parties for their kids. And why shouldn’t they? Birthday parties are very memorable occasions for children. The day is about them having fun, being with friends, and eating cake and ice cream. Decorating with prepackaged party supplies will make it easier for parents to organize the event.

Grown-ups love having parties too. Themed parties are hot these days. This may be an effect of social media also. People love taking photos of Instagram-worthy places. You can take inspiration from Pinterest and create prepackage decorations with a theme.

Vinyl Records

In the digital age, music is available in platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. Music files can be stored in cloud apps and can be synced across different devices. It’s simple and convenient. However, there are still people who like going old school.

Vinyl records produce rich sounds that digital music cannot compare with. Plus, people get a more physical experience with vinyl. Opening the package, smelling the sleeve, feeling the texture of the vinyl, and placing it on the turntable are all sources of satisfaction that you can’t acquire from streamed music.

Now that you have plenty of product ideas you can sell on Amazon, you can start planning your strategies for a more successful business.

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