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Applying Eyeshadow to Balance Eyes

applying-eyeshadow to balance eyes

How-To-Apply-Eyeshadow Tips and TricksWe all have features we don’t love. My question is, why live with it being your eyes? Rather than going under the knife or hiding under a rock, contour an unusual-looking eye area with makeup. Here’s how to do it – for your eyes only!

Contouring wide-set eyes: To make eyes appear closer together, apply a deep-toned shadow to the inner halves of your lids, with a lighter tone on the outside. Balance with subtle pencil liner along the lower lash line.

Contouring close-set eyes: Open up the eye area by brushing deep-toned shadow on the outer halves of the lids. Blend from the center outward and up to just above the crease. Use a light shadow at inner corners and just under the browbone. A “cat eye” effect will be flattering.

Contouring deep-set eyes: Use a light shadow from lash to brow to avoid intense shadows in the crease. Apply liner lightly and as close to the lash line as possible. Curl lashes upward to help hide the depth of the crease.

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  1. Thas top pic shadow is so pretty, the yellow nad the pink, i wish i had the skill to do that, if you have whide eyes apart tho will that mkae them wider looking ?

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