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Ariana Grande’s Makeup Bag: Celebrity Makeup Tips

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Ariana Grande Celebrity Makeup TipsAriana Grande has made a huge splash on the pop scene lately, but she’s been lurking in stardom for years via tween-friendly shows Victorious and Sam and Cat (now rumored to have been cancelled due to onset drama…Personally, I think it’s the high-pitched way she talks on that show *shudder*).

The super gorgeous pop star is famous for her rad set of pipes, but beauty isn’t a “Problem” for her either. Whether she’s rocking radiant red locks or her more recent ombre high ponytails, she always looks fab.

So have you ever wondered what’s in her makeup bag? Here’s the word, straight from Ms. Grande herself:

Ariana Grande Makeup How-To – Step By Step

  • LASHES: Ariana already has her eyelashes on, and recommends putting lashes on first even though that’s not the conventional wisdom so you don’t get powder in them. (I actually do my whole eye area except mascara before anything else, so I don’t fault her for this. Do what works for you!)
  • BASE: As a foundation and concealer, Ariana Grande mixes RCMA foundation (which is what they use on the set of Victorious) with her moisturizer and puts it on with your hands.
  • UNDEREYE: Ariana slathers the mixture on her “Sicilian/Italian eye bags” and wins my heart a little more.
  • BRONZER: Ariana uses one of my personal all-time favorite bronzers: BeneFit Hoola! I feel important now.
  • BROWS: Next, Miss Grande brushes her eyebrows with what appears to be an Anastasia brow brush.
  • SHADOW: Ariana uses an Anastasia brush with a flat end for all over the lids and a pointier one for in the crease. The shadow is a Too Faced duo with Cocoa Puff (currently available in this duo with Lilly) and Honey Pot ( currently available in this palette): Honey Pot on the lid, Cocoa Puff in the crease.
  • LINER: Ariana uses Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Corrupt on both upper and lower lids.
  • MASCARA: Ariana lets her lashes “Break Free” (get it? oh I’m punny) with Clinique High Impact Mascara.
  • BLUSH: MAC Pink Swoon is Ariana’s cheeky go-to. She makes fish-face when she does it to get those cheekbones.
  • LIPS: Ariana uses Inglot Soft Precision Lipliner #74 all over lips, then tops with Maybelline 14 Hour Lipstick in Fuchsia Forever.
Priceless quotes from Ariana Grande about makeup:
  • “The object is to make yourself look nothing like yourself,” Ariana quips, quoting Jenna Marbles.
  • “I put my makeup on like a five year old doing an art project.” Total respect for Ariana Grande now.
  • “I usually just use the darkness of my tired eyes for my eyeshadow.”

Ariana posted this video on Youtube all about it, where she looks a lot like she has to sneeze:

What look do you like best on Ariana Grande?

5 thoughts on “Ariana Grande’s Makeup Bag: Celebrity Makeup Tips

  1. OMG I LOVE HER!! That video is THE kyoootest thing I’ve ever seen. And yeah she does look like she has to sneeze ;p I don’t care if she’s good at makeup tutorials or not, Arianna rocks!

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t like her? I cannot understand her weird high pitched voice when she sings. Especially that “Problem” song

  3. Griffin said that it was a great way to the point where the heck are we going on a new one and I have no idea what to wear my new phone and it will be the same time as well

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