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Athleisure shorts with built-in lifehacks? Um, yes.

Since I’m a daily fitness gal who works from home (*thbbbbt*), I’ve totally embraced the athleisure/fitness-wear-all-day-erry-day trend. It’s pretty much my dream come true. However, I have noticed that some gym shorts are… how can I put this nicely? Stupid.

It’s not their fault, they just weren’t designed with use in mind. What we really need are shorts with pockets for our earbuds on a jog. A place to store our ID and debit card when we’re taking a walk to Trader Joes. No weird giant bulge in the front, but moisture-wicking like a mofo. And fashionable to boot. Where can we find such a wonder?

Enter Wu & Y. With designs by artists, athletic material, 4 zippered pockets and even a secret pocket just inside, these are just what the doctor ordered.

Wu & Y Shorts Deep Soup Womens

The cut is high on the the thighs for the women’s style, a retro-classic gym shorts look, and the designs are totally unique. This one is Deep Soup by Varvara Gorbash.

Wu & Y Shorts Deep Soup Womens Review

Wu & Y Shorts Deep Soup Womens Review

But I think my favorite design is the Summer Elephant by Mila Horvath:

Summer Elephant Mila Horvath Wu & Y

Into it? Me too! Help me out and support them grassroots style on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1tzm7AI

But hurry, the campaign only has a few more days!

Which design is your favorite?

4 thoughts on “Athleisure shorts with built-in lifehacks? Um, yes.”

    1. Sheena – if you fund the Kickstarter I linked above, you get a pair in the design of your choice. (They also have some cute socks with pineapples on them!) It’s not that big of a pledge required, and trust me there is room for the proverbial motor in the back of your Honda.

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