How to Make Your Beach Wedding Extra Memorable

If you have always dreamed about getting married on the beach, here are our top tips to ensure you have a worry-free, extra-special day.

How to Make Your Beach Wedding Extra Special

  1. Dress Appropriately

Ditch the big princess dress. Walking on the beach and having a special photoshoot is not going to be easy in a ball gown. If you have your heart set on a large dress, make sure you can easily bustle it.


  1. Think Light

Lace trim on dresses pick up debris easily. Rather choose a lightweight fabric for your dress, such as chiffon.


  1. Ditch the Veil

You don’t want a long veil if you’re getting married outdoors. It’s going to be a nightmare on a windy day. Instead, go for a fascinator or fresh flowers. An up do will also help keep you looking fresh and polished.


  1. Get Rid of the Heels

Sand and heels don’t go together. Choose flat sandals, wedges, or espadrilles that can’t sink into the sand.


  1. Let the Guys Dress Informally

A black tux during a hot day on the beach is a no-no. Lightweight cotton pants are ideal.


  1. Keep the Setting Natural

You don’t have to dress up Mother Nature’s ocean backdrop. Instead, highlight the natural setting with starfish, and shells, for example. Brighton Savoy is a popular venue for beach weddings in Melbourne, offering a wide range of amenities.


  1. Prepare the Guests

Make sure your guests know that your wedding will take place on sand. Make sure they are prepared for the sun and sand by gifting them with welcome bags on arrival with sandals and sunscreen, and maybe even paper fans. You may also want to include a bottle of water and a towel.


  1. Get the Timing Right

Lighting is important for your beach photos. Try ending the ceremony about an hour prior to sunset to get great action shots and loads of natural light.


  1. Serve Refreshments

Keep guests fresh by setting up a table with refreshing cold drinks and cocktails.


  1. Get Ready for Wind

Beach weddings can be windy. If you are distributing programs, be sure to tie them to chairs or weigh them down with shells. If you want petals along your aisle, avoid tossing them until the very last moment.


  1. Keep the Bugs Away

You may want to include insect repellent in your welcome bag, too. Just make sure it’s a brand that won’t stain outfits or your wedding gown.


  1. Make Sure You’re Heard

You’re going to have to speak up on the beach. After all, you probably spent hours writing and personalizing your vows, so make sure your voice isn’t loss among the crashing waves.


  1. Keep the Ceremony Short

With factors like audibility, heat, and wind, it’s a good idea to keep the ceremony short.


  1. A Powder Room

If you plan on having the reception on the beach, be sure to rent a powder room on a public beach. If there are no bathrooms available, hire an upscale portable toilet.


  1. Keep Warm

Finally, you and your guests can fight the wind chill by having a basket of warm and stylish pashminas for your guests!

Take note of these ideas and make your wedding memorable. If you have other tips to add, share it to us in the comments below.

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