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Beauty Tips: Brightening Dull Hair

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how-to-prevent-dull-hairI mentioned having problems with dullness in my hair recently, so I thought a post about some solution might be of use to any of my readers who despise those Pantene ads where Laetitia Casta’s hair looks like a big brunette ribbon of glossiness.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that it’s your fault your hair looks like dishwater. Too much heat styling (of which I am also guilty) causes dullness due to the loss of moisture. So if you must blow dry every time you shampoo, or perhaps you’re in permanent love with your flat iron (this means you!) – lay off. It’s not helping!

Laetitia Casta perfect shiny hairOf course, I certainly don’t plan on 100% ditching my Chi; in my opinion, a shiny cowlick is still an eyesore. However, there is hope through the magic of hair products: choose products containing humectants. Humectants are substances with the ability to attract water, providing moisture to the upper layers of the hair and skin. We recommend conditioning with a product containing humectants like Oscar Blandi Moisture Recovery Conditioner to recover lost shine.

Just don’t over-apply: too much of the humectants will make your hair limp and somewhat hard to style. Sigh…it’s not easy being glossy!

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  1. I find my hair is always duller when it’s dry, so this makes sense. Thanks for this! I’ll have to try some of those products you recommended.

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