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Why Bespoke Diamond Rings Are Perfect For Engagement

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Everyone wants their engagement to be special. That’s why a groom-(or bride!)-to-be will go out of his way to create the perfect surroundings and setting for his loved one to get the ultimate surprise. Having the perfect ring to top it all off can be the icing on the cake.

It can often be daunting, however, to go out searching for a reputable jeweler that sells bespoke diamond rings. Any diamond will require a reasonable investment on your part so we want to make sure you choose the right ring first time!

What is bespoke? Bespoke essentially means custom. Rings should be custom and unique, just like your relationship!

If you are looking for beautiful bespoke fancy cut diamond rings in Brisbane, looking into Ringleaders may provide you with the confidence you need. With their experience and reputation in the industry, you will get access to some of the most beautifully crafted diamond engagement rings.

Why go bespoke?

After locating a high quality and skilled jeweler in your area, it’s onto the next stages. When you are thinking about buying a bespoke engagement ring, you are actually buying something highly unique. This is a beautiful way to represent your relationship and what your special woman means to you.

During the process of buying your bespoke ring, you will be in fact choosing every detail, from the cut of the diamond, its clarity, any engravings and other unique details. It’s all up to you! Now that may seem like a big responsibility, especially if you are worried that she won’t like it. However, for the most important promise and bond you will ever make in your life, wouldn’t you want to symbolize it with something truly unique? Makes sense, right?

Things to look out for

The reputation and skill set of the jeweler themselves is very important if you want to get it right first time. This means checking into the stores background and seeing the professional’s certifications that qualify them to make bespoke diamond engagement rings. It will help if you get to know your future jeweler through word of mouth but if you can take a peek into their past work, this makes a big difference. Knowing they have supplied couples before you with stunning hand-crafted pieces can be a great indicator they will do the same for you.

Ringleaders is managed by a qualified jeweller so if you wanted to check in online or visit the local store in Brisbane, you can get a feel for their service personally.

You can rest-assured the design process is worth every penny.

Depending on the jeweller you go to, most places offering bespoke engagement rings will be able to hand draw some ideas to get the process going. This may even involve a 3D computer to bring the designs to life so you can get a real feel for your design before it’s even made.

The next stages involve crafting your ring in all its unique beauty with the diamond of your choice. After any engraving and final touches are completed, you will have your own bespoke diamond engagement ring! What a special way to celebrate the love you have and show it off to the world.


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  1. My fiancé custom designed my engagement ring, and I couldn’t be happier with that decision. It came out perfect.

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