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The Challenge of Getting a Good Night’s Rest

A Good Night’s Rest

It is not surprising to know that many things go into a good night’s rest. Most people will agree that a good mattress, a good pillow, and good sheets are essential for a good night’s rest. When we are considering bed sheet sizes, we should also consider the quality of the materials they are made with. Furthermore, those same elements are lauded whether you are staying home for the night or away in a chalet in the Swiss Alps on a skiing holiday with business associates. Why are these elements so important to us? Continue reading “The Challenge of Getting a Good Night’s Rest” »

Feel Happier, Sleep Better, & Eat Less – Naturally?

My appetite is crazy. My sleep is often erratic. And while I don’t suffer from clinical depression, I definitely struggle with mood issues every now and again (usually about once per month…).

Sound familiar? That’s because most of us experience the same struggles – but we don’t usually want to resort to prescriptions and doctors’ appointments to solve them. Rather than dealing with harsh side effects and addictive properties of pharmaceuticals, we just live with the symptoms. But what if there was a milder, non-prescription way to solve our problems? Continue reading “Feel Happier, Sleep Better, & Eat Less – Naturally?” »