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Biggest Hairstyle Trends You Didn’t Notice in 2016

blonde models with side braid and curly hair trends

We’ve all gotta keep up with the latest hair trends. While it’s been all about color for awhile, we’d like to talk about the cut and styling changes that are slipping under the radar amid rose-gold bobs. Your hair is your crowning glory – keep it current with the chicest hair trends seen on the runway and beyond this year.

  1. Go Your Own Way – the unstyled style

Blonde Unstyled Curls Curly Hair Model

Experts call it the “celebration of the individual”. This means you have the power to embrace and flaunt your hair’s natural texture! Say goodbye to applying mousse or creams, hairsprays, using the blow-dryer or your curling iron. Give your hair a breather and just style it raw with your fingertips (or if you must, a brush).

  1. Statement Parts

Statement Parts french braid on side model red carpet brond hair

If you have more time to style your hair before you go out, consider a statement part. You can just make a French braid on one side of your hair while keeping the other side normal. It’s a bold statement in the same vein as the dual-French braids sported by so-called “Tumblr baddies”.

  1. With a Twist

Low Twisted Bun Hairstyle Model

Think of low buns, but with a more polished look. This is perfect if you are too tired to style your hair and you are running late to work or school. Simply separate hair into two sections,  tie them together and twist into a low bun. This was one of the top looks at the runway this year where it had a whimsical, yet very simple appeal.

  1. No in-between lengths – commitment is key!
super long black bedazzled hair celebrity
At the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

This year, you either go for the bob look or full-on long hair. This is what most salon experts say is trending this year. (Think T.Swift vs everyone else.)

Clean bobs are better for straight-haired girls, while long hair is usually better if you have natural curls. If your hair comes off a little bit dry, you can always use different oils to enhance moisture in your hair. Choose coconut oil, argan oil or olive oil for hair moisture.

  1. Hair accessories, especially unique ones

Hair accessories on braids crown hair jewelry hairstyles

Hair accessories are “in” again this season, and the more unusual, the better. Take out your wildest headbands, hair clips or even add a sprinkle of ironed-in gold stars. These are cute charmers adding more depth and style to your hair no matter what cut, color and style you have. Just make sure not to overdo it: stick with metallics for a whimsical look if you want to avoid a Rainbow Brite scenario.

  1. Long Hair, Don’t Care

Long Hair, Don t Care long ponytail Kardashian Jenner

The nice thing about having long hair: you can style it in so many ways. However, you’ve got to make sure you always take care of it, or you won’t have long hair forever. Always look out for split ends and have a regular hot oil or hair massage to stimulate growth from hair follicles.

If growing long hair is too difficult or too much of a commitment, you can always get hair extensions to keep up with the trend. The modern ones are washable, realistic and last for a long time. If you go that way, though, invest in them. Cheap looks, well, cheap.

  1. All Wrapped Up

Model low updo scarf

Not everyone may go for this for an everyday look, but if you are looking for variety when attending parties and other functions, this is a great choice. Simple wrap your hair or tie it in a very low ponytail and then wrap a piece of fabric like tulle or a choker around your neck. It creates a very polished, classic look that’s almost ’20s, but cleaner.

  1. Sweet ‘n Low

Sweet n Low pigtails model runway big silver barrette

Sweet ‘n low pertains to having your pigtails tied low. You may look a little childish, but that’s okay – that’s part of the point. Keep everything else simple to make the look chic, not schoolgirl-fetishy. Ew.

What are your favorite hair trends in 2016?

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