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Take the BikiniBOD Challenge #myBikiniBOD

BikiniBOD review feature

I recently went on a fabulous summer vacation to my hometown, which just so happens to be a lazy beach town. It was a glorious week of fried seafood, boat drinks, music, sand and surf… but dietary discipline was not on the menu. (Nor should it be on any vacation.)

Consequently, upon my return I noticed that I’d somehow while on hiatus reached the size of a house. Well, maybe not a house, but at least a small condo. The scale read a number I can’t even repeat, and I mourned the loss of my once bikini-ready body.  Moreover, I vowed to see it return.

Enter BikiniBOD, which happened to fall into my life at just the right time. It’s a supplement that acts as an appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and beauty-enhancing vitamin in one. Plus, it’s made by women, for women. Girl power!

So what’s in this stuff that makes it so special? Check it out:

BikiniBOD ingredients reviewI loved that, unlike many other supplements that claim to help with fat loss, this included ingredients that are proven to be great for your hair, nails and skin.

Emboldened, I decided to take the BikiniBOD challenge. BikiniBOD offers anyone who purchases a free 28-day “Blueprint”, which includes workout advice tailored toward female success. Just follow along and take your BikiniBOD, and see where you end up in 28 days. This seemed like the perfect remedy for my vacay overindulgence.

My 28 days are over now, and I have to say my results were pretty staggering. I can’t believe I’m going to show you this horrific “before” photo, but you need it so your jaw can properly drop at the “after”:

Before After BIKINIBodSeriously? Granted, obviously this involves dieting and working out. But it’s the same level of dieting and working out I was doing before, and these results came much more quickly than I was used to.

According to the scale, I’ve lost 10 pounds in 28 days. And on a small frame like mine, that makes a huge difference!

I’m so excited by this product and I’d happily recommend it to anyone on a weight-loss journey, particularly other ladies who’ve plateaued and need a bit of  boost.

 Check out my video review of this product:

I got my bottle of BikiniBOD for free, but if you want to snag a bottle for yourself, head to Amazon. TOTALLY worth it based on the results I got!

BikiniBOD sponsored this review, but all thoughts are my own. The results are REAL and speak for themselves!

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