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Choosing The Right Tweezers

Choosing The Right Tweezers Woman Tweezing EyebrowsEvery girl needs to pluck some gnarly eyebrow hairs every now and again, but believe it or not, one set of tweezers can’t do the whole job. Really!

Here’s a quick guide to picking the right tweezers for any situation:

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How To: Get Perfect Brows

How To Get Perfect BrowsToday I’m debuting a new section in which I will provide step by step beauty guides called, rather uncreatively, “Beauty How-Tos”. Today’s issue is on getting perfect brows at home – no spa or nail salon required!

Step 1: Prep. Start with a clean face and generally gnarly brows. Rinse your face with hot water to enlarge the hair follicles if you’re going to be plucking. Pat dry with a washcloth.

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